How Long Does It Take For Facelift Scars To Fade?

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This article throws light upon How Long Does It Take for Facelift Scars to Fade?

Facelift surgery is a highly innovative and modern cosmetic surgery procedure that helps to improve the appearance of the face by removing the wrinkles and offering a youthful look. The facelift procedure can be categorized as a mini-lift or a complete facelift as the need be. Depending upon the extensiveness of the procedure, depends on the healing time. The perfect look can be obtained only after a few months.   There can be some swelling, browsing or stitch marks following extensive facelift surgery. Generally, the sutures are removed in about 7-8 days following the surgery. The wounds and scars appearing from the surgery take some time to heal and diminish within a few months of the surgery.  

A good cosmetic surgeon uses appropriate scar protection protocols while performing the surgery, but it also requires a lot of post-operative care to get wonderful results from the procedure and for the scars to fade away fast. The patient must follow the surgeon’s instructions and follow the guidelines and precautions suggested by the surgeon. A facelift is a popular procedure in India. In Mumbai, there are various cosmetic clinics practicing facelift surgery. One should be careful while selecting the facelift surgeon as an experienced surgeon will be able to fetch you wonderful results with utmost safety and minimal scars that would fade away gradually. During the healing process, the facelift incisions gradually get softer and non-tender and then during the final healing phase, the scars fade away. Generally, the surgeon makes an incision at unnoticeable places like behind the ears or within the hairline which also fades away eventually. The patient should not go out in the sun and uses sunscreen for prevention of scars. 

A scar is a mark that develops on your skin after it has been cut, scars are a major concern in most of the patients undergoing facelift surgery. The fading process of the scar depends upon various factors like the extensiveness of the procedure, the size of the wound, skin type of the patient, age and health of the patient.  The healing of the wound and the fading away of the scar is faster in younger and healthier patients. Of course, the skill of the surgeon and the postoperative care taken by the patient are the most important parameters for fast wound healing and fading of the scars. Skilled cosmetic surgeons know the various techniques for minimizing the appearance of the scars.  They know the correct placement of incisions which is very critical to make the scar invisible.   

Conclusion:  When the patient follows the post-operative guidelines and takes proper care and precautions like following a healthy lifestyle, staying hydrated, avoid smoke and alcohol, taking adequate diet, avoiding sun exposure, taking proper rest and sleep, and exercising to get good blood circulation, then the body’s own self-repairing mechanism functions smoothly, the immunity becomes strong and the wounds heal faster, this makes the scars to fade away fast.   

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