How to choose the right offshore development company for your project?

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Partnering with an offshore development company is not as easy as it looks. On one hand, there are challenges like the language barrier, time-zone differences, cultural difference, etc. But, on the other hand, there are a number of benefits like cost-efficiency, focus on the core competencies, faster time to market, extremely skilled workforce, etc.

The key to choosing the best offshore development team for your project is to understand your goals and success criteria for the project. It is crucial to first have a clear idea of your mission statement. It will help to make a project-focused and well-thought decision while identifying a partnering offshore company. One wrong decision can lead to huge losses in terms of cost, time and quality. To avoid any such bad experience in the future, the factors mentioned here can be considered.


Tips to find the best offshore app development company


Industry experience of the company

The thinking that the offshore development team’s experience is best determined based on its age is a myth. Even expert businesses that have been in the market for a significant amount of time have novice developers working for them to cut down the costs. For determining the actual experience of the offshore company, one needs to verify if the team has in-depth knowledge of the required technologies, regulations and standards practiced in the business industry.

Companies that have working experiences in similar projects that you are looking for can well understand your requirements and expectations. They can ensure that proper techniques are implemented to meet all the regulatory standards.


Technical Expertise of the offshore development team

It is quite impossible for individual coders or freelancers to possess knowledge of every coding technology. So, it is wise to hire a development company that has a team of developers capable of handling a wide range of technologies. Every offshore mobile app developer in their team should have the necessary skillsets and experience. They should be well aware with the latest framework and cutting-edge technologies. The team should have resources with specialized skills required in conceptualization, designing, documentation, etc. of the complete product lifecycle. You need to check their technological capabilities.


Adaptability and Business Understanding

Whichever offshore partner you decide to go with, ensure that it understands your business requirements completely. For your project to be successful, it is necessary that the partner company spends your money effectively without the need for any add-ons or unnecessary expenses. Also, the company should be highly flexible in terms of making changes in the project as and when required. They should be adaptable and friendly so that unnecessary delays and conflicts can be avoided. They should be flexible to work in your time-zones whenever needed.


Communication Constraints

When you have to deal with an offshore app development company, communication is a major concern. Especially when you have to deal with companies in different countries, there will be language barriers and time differences. Lack of communication can lead to misunderstandings and spoil the end products. Go with the team that provides a single point of contact to you and also ensure you get real-time support in your time. This will avoid miscommunication and issues related to delays.



No doubt, the cost is a crucial aspect of any business. So, while hiring the offshore company, ask them for quotations and also see if they will charge additionally for any changes. There are many service providers promising good quality products at lower costs. But do your due diligence and make sure that they provide high-ended solutions while being cost-effective.


Project Management Capabilities

Go for the offshore development company that offers project management as part of their Service Level Agreement. Such companies have the required skillsets and experience to provide top-quality and innovative solutions. They are professional, have their development process in place and ensure proper communication to their clients.


The Bottom Lines:

It is confusing and panicking at times to choose the offshore development team when there are plenty of good options available in the market. You should find the one who compliments your business requirements and provides apt solutions in your budgets. To confirm their credibility, ask for references, talk to their past clients, look at their testimonials, portfolio, case-studies, etc. and take demonstrations through presentations. Also, you have the guidelines mentioned above for the screening process. Once you have shortlisted some potential companies, review your goals and decide the perfect fit.

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