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Hosting services providers help business owners and working individuals to have an ease in getting services like virtual desktops, web hosting, and off-site backups. They are the virtual providers of all these important services. Hosting services providers are also the companies that have installed all the setup, a business would need, and they would also be taking care of the setup management from their own end.

Nowadays, every business has a website and it also have some kind of database that needs to be protect. Due to this, the business owner goes for both cloud services and hosting services.

Cloud services are used for protecting their data from losing while hosting services are used for showing people whatever you like to show on the internet whether a website, an image, a file and any other thing relevant to this. This is the most basic need of every business today.

Hosting can be managed and can be left unmanaged, both possibilities exist. The difference is quite clear in both as in managed hosting services, a hosting provider takes care of all the basic to advance level necessities of the hosting. They have professionals and experts of their field who look after the complete setup and you have no worries of any kind when it comes to maintenance and management.

Whereas the unmanaged hosting, that is usually installed by the large businesses, can increase their responsibilities, management costs, maintenance cost, problem facing, and its solution. Managed hosting services are always recommended over unmanaged hosting services.

Hosting services are also offered as a model called cloud computing. There are several public cloud services available out there in the market. They share their virtual resources with multiple users at a time. This cost them cheap because the resources are being shared with many at a time.

There are both options available for the users, whether if they want public cloud services or hosting services. They are free to opt between the shared and dedicated ones. Shared are the ones where multiple users are served but this is not secure for large companies or organizations owning huge database. Dedicated hosting services or cloud services are more recommended where only you will be served as a private user.

Here, some types of hosting services explained in detail for your ease:

  • Shared:  Hosting service providers offer server sharing to multiple users, this way people save their costs.
  • Dedicated: Service providers designate a dedicated server where only a single website can be hosted. This is for large businesses usually that requires more security and space.
  • Unmanaged: Services are provided by the provider but there is no such support in managing and maintaining it.
  • Managed: Provider offers the server and manages complete hosting environment themselves. This is considered as the best choice.

In cloud services, we also have two types that are explained below:

  • Single Tenant/Private Cloud: This cloud service is for a single customer who wants a private dedicated space for his personal use in order to use scale as well.
  • Multiple Tenant/ Public Cloud: Providers share their virtualized resources with every other individual who wants cloud services. It is cheaper than the Private cloud services.

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