How to Create Engaging Ads on Social Media Platforms

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Today brands prefer to reach people through paid ads rather organically. On paid ads platform be it Instagram ads managementFacebook ads management or Twitter ads management, you have to be tactical.

Advertisers find paid ads more relevant than organic ads perhaps due to the facility of targeting. Any data-driven digital marketing agency could target audiences on demographic and another basis. As in paid advertisement, you just throw ads arbitrarily in front of anyone. You have to be strategic in the matter of content selection, appropriate messaging, targeting frequency, etc.

Advertisers who relied on organic traffic should not worry; there are some guidelines that can help you if you are using paid ads for the first time-

Know objectives of your campaign

Going blindly without knowing the objectives of your campaign is wastage of money. Every brand has a different goal so identity yours. You may have more than one goal, so you need to prioritize the same.  Basically, there are five main goals-

Traffic: If you are new in this world and want to increase awareness about your brand, increasing traffic is your goal.  For increasing traffic, you want more visitors to your homepage, blogs, etc.

Visibility: Increasing visibility is beneficial for increasing brand awareness.  Keep this goal if you want to reach out more number of people or want increase in impression.

Engagement: Visitors will share, like, and comment on your post to increase engagement. They are the potential customers.

Lead generation: It involves newsletter and email signups.

Sale: Finally when user gets converted into potential customer, sale occurs.

Choose right social media

After deciding the goals, it is time to choose an apt platform to fulfill your goals. You have to look for certain things while selecting a platform. For instance, if your ads contain photographs and videos, Instagram is perfect, if your brand is related to professionals, LinkedIn ads management is the best platform.

Check whether demography is matching to your brand or not. Research on competitors also is necessary while choosing the media. A final point to consider is engagement, how engaging is the platform for your brand.

Know your audience

It is quite difficult to target audiences in the initial phase because your brand is new.  What you can do is track the interest of people on Facebook, follow their behavior and then create an audience base to target. Demography plays an important role in targeting. Whether you are an expert or a starter, you have to spend some time to gather information about the target audience, gender, age, education, income level, etc. Location factor-like urban, suburban, rural also matters.

Save audience and change accordingly

There is no problem if you narrow down your audience after many attempts. Once you got a user’s behavior, interest, demography, etc, save your audience and you can always change it anytime. Keep the frequency of changes normal, audience targeting need patience.

Now, you are clear about your goal and all. You can use a blend of paid ads and organic posts. People tend to unfollow the brand that uses promotional messages.

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