How to find Unisex Salon for Hair Straightening

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Smooth, silky and straight hair is highly in trend these days. It is not difficult to get straight hair; you can easily get it in any salon. Sometimes the result is not satisfying, many girls complain of hair fall, roughness, etc. As we know that the methods of permanent hair straightening involve chemical products but it will not cause any reactions if they are of decent quality.

Hair straightening v/s hair smoothening

Hair straightening will give pin-straight hair while hair smoothening will give natural look. If you want to straighten stubborn curls, hair straightening will do that but don’t expect the same in smoothening.

Hair smoothening is also known as a Brazilian blowout, keratin treatment, protein treatment, etc. The chemicals used are not as harsh as compare in straightening but the results are also not long-lasting. It only lasts about 4 to 5 months. For long term effects, hair straightening is the best. Scroll down if you want to develop a deep understanding about straightening methods-

Keratin Treatment: This treatment is a kind of smoothening process. Keratin is a protein in our hair when our hair is exposed to dust and pollution, our hair loses keratin.  You can refill the void with this treatment and get back keratin in your hair.

After this treatment, you will have smooth and shiny hair. If your curls are stubborn, you may not find this treatment apt for straightening because the natural look remains almost the same in this treatment.

Permanent Hair Straightening: In permanent hair straightening, you will get pin-straight hair, though somewhat artificial every strand of hair will get straightened. It involves the use of formaldehyde, so consult your hairstylist. If you already have healthy hair, you can go for this treatment. If your hair is damaged, go for light treatment like hair smoothening.

How to find hair salon for straightening

These treatments demand time and patience so chose a salon wisely. Sort your requirements beforehand so that you can find a salon easily.  There are many salons in Lucknow. Some are top-rated but a fee is also high, so figure out on your part how much you want to invest. You can also find many salons with decent ratings that also have an affordable price.

As this treatment is time taking, make sure your hairstylist is polite enough. Also, keep in mind that the salon should be well- ventilated because the release of chemicals may irritate.  Also consider other aspects like a clean environment, etc.

Ask someone in your acquaintance who has got these types of treatment recently.

Leave questions on Quora like which salon is the best for hair smoothening in Lucknow. You will find more than one answer on this platform. If you know about any salon, visit the website, if it has the option of live chat or something, ask your doubts there or leave your message.

Take the help of Google search for instance if you want to search a salon for hair coloring, type global hair coloring in Lucknow, hair root touch up, etc

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