How to Hire a Security Guard for Your Office in Delhi NCR

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An office is a place that needs round the clock security. Who does provide a high level of security? It is none other than private security guards. They are those who have got special training to identify any insecurity and take action against intruders. Be alert and keep you informed about any havoc such as a fire. There are tons of benefits of hiring a security guard for your office. Below are some top guidelines to hire the security guard for your office in Delhi NCR.

Contact a Security Guard Company

Instead of giving ads for security guards, you can contact a security agency. These firms are specialists in providing security guards on a permanent, temporary and emergency basis. You don’t need to waste your money and time in hiring security guards. For a big organization, there are always bulk requirements of security guards. Security agencies can able to arrange security services according to demand. They save your time and effort that you can concentrate on productivity.

Security agencies are responsible to provide reliable security services for which they conduct thorough background verification before hiring. It is a crucial step that includes finding any criminal record against the person, work knowledge if any, behavior, any bad habits, and permanent address. Once all things are clear, the security agency conducts in-house training. They are well prepared for challenges.

Follow Two Simple Steps of Hiring

A security guard company makes the hiring process easy, fast and secure. They make the hiring process almost 50% easy. So, a few processes you need to accomplish to accomplish hiring.

Physical Fitness

For self-satisfaction, it is important to evaluate the physical fitness of the guard that you want to hire. Conduct a running test and ask for medical certification. If the guard seems accurate in physical fitness, the next step is conducting a face to face interview. However, security agencies aim to provide physically fit and well trained security guards.

Face to Face Interviews

In the final round, a few questions are necessary to ask. It will give some ideas about the alertness and presence of mind of security guards. They are two crucial qualities. Go through medical and educational certification. Some necessary questions to ask are-

Describe your previous work experience?

How do you handle an assault?

How will you react in case of fire or any emergency?

How do you manage your anger?

How comfortable you are using systems?

Do you know how to handle CCTVs? Can you fix some minor problems with CCTVs?

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