How to Increase the Lifespan of Sport Loop Apple Watch Bands?

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With the launch of the Apple Watch Series3, Apple comes up with new strap flavours with amazing fall colours. Since then, the rise of the Apple Watch band demand has increased. Apple freaks adore the lightweight and comfort that the band delivers. 

The sweat-resistant bands allow gym rats to do workouts smoothly. Apple launched the bands with woven nylon, which was extremely skin-friendly. The bands were stretchable, which helps with flexibility. 

Easy to use as fastened using hook and loop. The bands possess five small fastener strips instead of one. This was the reason for high flexibility.

The bands come in various colours for both 38mm &42mm models. The issue was with the ones having larger wrist sizes or very small wrists. Moreover, Apple mentioned that the first time launched bands were suitable for wrists between 130 to 190mm. 

Trendsetter Sport Strap Gave Opportunity To Designers

With the change in taste, sport bands are in the spotlight. People around the world shop for sports straps from eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Myntra, etc. Their favourable experience makes them a potential buyer. 

The immense popularity offers a performing stage to designers. In other, it becomes an excellent opportunity for designers to introduce in-fashion sport bands. Keeping in mind the prestige style of Apple Watch Bands. Designers are curating unique styles with graceful finishes. Signifying luxury and comfort at the same time. 

I got a marine green apple watch loop band to fit my wrist. While surfing on the Apple store, I genuinely feel the less variety. Moreover, way too expensive. Look for other online stores engulfed with large fashion scope, enriched material, and reasonable prices. No matter what age, sport bands set the need & trend. 

Steps to Increase The Duration of Sport Loop Apple Bands

Apple watch bands are readily available in numerous materials – leather, steel, silicon, ceramic, etc. The most demanding for the sports category is nylon. Why is one paying too much for the strap? One of the reasons is to relish durability. So, it’s not budget-worthy to change your strap when all it requires is care & attention. The more we maintain, the more it will stay. Therefore, adequate cleaning makes the straps look adorable. Even it’s pretty easy to clean the Apple Watch loop band.

Continue reading this article to learn the best way to take care of your Apple sport loop band. First and foremost, it is highly suggested to wash the sport loop watch band every one to two weeks.

Step 1: Remove the Band 

Undoubtedly, the first step is to take away the band from the unit itself to separate the watch & band. Don’t try to clean the band when wearing it. At the back of the watch, you will be able to access two buttons, depress it. Can also use a thin object to glide the band off in a straight motion. 

Step 2: Cleaning the Band

Once the band is detached from the watch, start with the cleaning procedure. Keep in mind not to use the product, which can damage the strap. The list of manufacturers hold some general instructions:  

  • Avoid Chemical Cleaning Solutions 
  • No Harsh Soaps 
  • Avoid Polishing 
  • Prevent Using Household Cleaning Sprays
  • Don’t Apply Any Ultrasonic Cleaners 

Steps to Follow Cleaning Process:

  1. The most common way is to use lukewarm water and mild soap. Make the band wet, apply mild soap, and clean it with your hands gently. Avoid brushes as you can take off the stitches or thread.
  2. Then wash it in lukewarm water. Make sure the water is not too hot. Press the band to eliminate excess water.
  3.  Please keep it in a safe place to dry up naturally. Ensure not to use a blow dryer as it melts the material (especially nylon). 


No doubt, the sport loop Apple Watch bands are an expensive accessory that requires proper maintenance in order to extend lifespan. Make them a worthy investment to enjoy long-term functionality. 

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