How To Sell Your House Fast For Cash At The Best Price In 2020

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Selling your house is not an easy feat, no matter how you do it. It’s stressful, it’s tiring and you will lose a lot of time, especially if you do it alone and don’t have the right experience. The whole process becomes even more difficult to tackle if you decide to sell it quickly, and you also want the best possible price. Ideally, you should work with a licensed real estate agent, as they can help you through the entire process. However, you can also do it on your own.

So, if your motto is “I want to sell my house quickly”, and want do to it on your own, here are a few tips to help you out:

How to sell my house for cash – Having a neat, clean house

Everyone knows this – it’s very difficult to have a clean, neat house, especially if you lived in it for decades. We tend to accumulate stuff we don’t actually need and there are a lot of things we don’t really want to throw away. Everyone does this. However, you must prepare your house for potential buyers, and they have to be able to visit it properly. And you don’t want to welcome potential buyers in a crammed, unkempt, untidy interior. We will have to either declutter the house or get a rental unit as soon as possible. Make sure to throw away anything that makes the house look disorganized and messy. Try to make the rooms as inviting and spacious as possible. Buyers love to imagine the places as their own and want to see how the interior actually looks like. And they won’t be able to do this if there is stuff lying around everywhere.

Clean everything in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and organize cabinets and drawers. Make the bed, clean the rugs and floors and make sure the attic looks organized and neat. The potential buyers will want to see every interior space and everything should be welcoming and tidy. Choose a rental unit if there are things you don’t want to throw away – it’s money well spent.

Fix Everything

So, you said to yourself “I want to sell my house quickly!”. If this is true, you are playing in a buyers’ market. The buyer will decide whether they want the house or not, and you will have to make sure everything works properly. A leaky faucet? Fix it! A broken chair? Fix it or get rid of it! A cracked bathroom sink? Fix it or replace it! A broken light? Fix it! You get the idea – fix everything that can be fixed and replace it when possible. Make sure there are no broken windows, no dripping faucets, and no damaged electrical components. The buyers may notice these problems and the price of your property may go down – quickly! The investments are small and you’ll be able to get everything fixed in a couple of days. It’s worth it!

Be Upfront About The Potential Shortcomings Of Your House

There is no perfect house, period! Be honest about your house’s strengths, but also about its weaknesses. Don’t try to picture it as perfect, as nobody will believe you and you will seem gullible or, even worse, fraudulent. Buyers will appreciate if you know how to estimate your home’s value, its strengths, and its weaknesses. You won’t lose your time and their time. Also, don’t use over the board superlatives in your listings – no, your kitchen is likely not a “superb gourmet kitchen”, and your house is most certainly not “immaculate”. Pay attention to these details and make sure you are realistic about your expectations. There’s nothing worse for a buyer than to get excited about an online presentation, only to being disappointed as soon as he or she visits it.

How To Sell My House For Cash – Pricing The House – Finding The Sweet Spot

Be realistic and estimate a decent price for your house. Don’t ask too much, and don’t ask too little. Look around your neighborhood and see the asking prices of similar houses. Don’t let your ego get into the listing price – if you ask too much, you may annoy potential buyers. On the other hand, if you are asking for too little money, you may lose better opportunities. A good idea is to pick a decent price and see if buyers are interested. If they are, try to create a small bidding war and raise the price little by little. As soon as you hit the sweet spot, it’s time to sell. Keep in mind, however, that buyers are more educated than ever and may likely see your strategy (the “sell my house for cash” strategy)

Your House Should Be An Experience

In order to make a quick sale, you’ll have to make your house look stunning and irresistible. Potential buyers should find it terribly difficult to leave the premises. Try to make it think that buying it is their only option, and most importantly, they will lose a lot if they don’t buy it. This scarcity mentality is very effective in the real estate market and you should use it to your advantage. The house is the prize – and they should get it, at all costs. In order to create this desire, your house should be as clean as possible, everything should work properly and it should be attractive. Try to make it as attractive as possible by placing fresh flowers in every room, use home fragrances (as neutral as possible, something that everyone likes), try to add a fresh layer of paint wherever possible, use fluffy pillows and attractive décor. Light up the fireplace, clean the kitchen countertops – everything matters if you want to follow your motto “I want to sell my house quickly”.

Get High-quality Photos

The photos are extremely important whenever you want to sell a property. Make sure you have excellent photos – preferably during a sunny day, and pay attention to the background – the yard and the lawn should be well kept and tidy. Also, take a few wide-angle photos of the interior, and make sure you get every detail. The potential buyers must see everything that is important about your house. Try to hire a photographer if you are not sure and don’t know much about photography.

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