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1)  Start event :

Understanding the start of the event is very important. You need to understand your audience and what is expected. Always try to look from their shoes or sitting in audience and imagine what is expected from Best Anchor in Pune.

2)  Anchoring event :

The briefing of the event is very important. First, try to understand and take a complete briefing of the event. Try to understand the flow, Agenda of the show. Understand completely what you can do and what you cant. There could be some protocols that you need to follow. Even you should keep looking around, and not only at one part of the audience. Usually, we tend to see more at that particular area where we have our friends seated. One idea which I tried when I anchored for the first time was, I divided the span for audience area in 4, and asked some of my friends to sit in those areas, I usually look at them, in this way I covered the whole audience.


 3) Corporate event anchoring script

There is no protocol or written corporate event script. What you need is a continuous thought process. Still, you want to script and paper handy you can highlight point sand take it with you and then you can elaborate.

You can start off with,

Good evening everyone, I would like to inform everybody to kindly make yourself comfortable in your seats and please turn off your mobile phone as we’re going to begin the show in just a while now. Thank you.

However I still insist that more you stick to the script more you are going to be confused, So try to build content and keep speaking as it comes to your mind.


4) Birthday event anchoring script

This is the toughest part. Again there is no script for Birthday event anchoring. But it’s a continuous event. You don’t get time to breathe as incorporate events.

A warm good morning/afternoon/evening to all of you present here. How different is today, the perfect time to give a good start for (name of birthday boy or girl goes here) to another year. It’s time to feel good about everything. May you get everything; you wish with every passing year.


5) Startup event

The first event is very important and remember that’s your beginning so always give your best. Give your everything to it and take some good photos videos and try to share it. This is very very important.

6) Dance event anchoring script

Again there is no separate script for the Dance event. It’s just that you have to be more lively and observe each and every dance performance happening. Talk to participants once they are done with their performances. This is very important. All the above mention techniques make u the best anchor in Pune, and best anchor in Mumbai and best anchor in worldwide.


7) Anchor for the wedding ceremony

Anchor for Wedding makes your wedding ceremony memorable for the couple & for the guest as well. Sangeet Ceremony planned by him makes you shake your legs.

Another quality of the Best Anchor is one should have a great sense of humor, Punches should be ready and with perfect timing, if an anchor can make Audience laugh he will get hold of them easily. The anchor should have a great voice, not to low and not too loud, it should be soothing to ears and Audience should love to listen.

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