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Wildlife tours are one of those things which make our life more exciting, giving us a chance to explore the rich flora and fauna of our country and what’s better than wildlife tourism in India. From non-stop hustle and bustle all day long, one definitely needs a getaway and Indian wildlife tours are the best option for it. One might think about what’s so exciting about wildlife, the answer to that is the adrenaline rush, the urge to explore every corner of the beautiful nature and the innumerable memories one gets to make. With so much to do in so less time, here is the list of the best wildlife destinations that leaves no stone unturned to provide you with a lifetime of experience:


This national park is located in Assam and is a treat for wildlife explorers as they might get a chance to spot the exotic one-horned rhinoceros. Apart from having the largest population of one-horned rhinoceros, one might be able to see species like tigers, wild buffalos, swamp deers and many more. Not only for safari and wildlife, but this park is also famous for its tea plantations. If one is planning to visit Kaziranga National park then they should block the dates somewhere in between November- April.


It is the first National Park of Asia and is located in Nainital. Jim Corbett National Park is one of the best Indian wildlife tours and what makes this place so famous is the large population of tigers there. One will not return disappointed from this place as if given sufficient time, you will be able to spot the tiger engaged in their day to day activity or just walking around the park in pride. Other than just observing the tigers, you can spot the Golden Jackal and Spotted Deer and one can also enjoy the beautiful Corbett falls. The best time to visit this place is between the months of November-June.


This famous park is situated in Madhya Pradesh and is home to Royal Bengal Tigers. People from around the world come to this place especially to catch a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger owning the place as they walk in confidence and with much pride. Apart from tigers, one might also be able to observe a large and beautiful population of birds. Another important thing which attracts tourists to this place is the Bandhavgarh fort. One should plan to visit this place anytime between October- June to have the best of the experience.


This place is the centre of attraction in Gujrat and attracts tourists from different places for spotting Asiatic Lions. Being the only home of the king of the jungle, this place is an important part of wildlife tourism in India. Not only just lions, but one can also spot Indian leopards, sloth bears and crocodiles here. Someone who has visited this place once will always cherish the moments spent there and will never get tired of telling the people their adventurous story. The ideal time for lion safari is between the months of October- end of May.


This place’s reputation precedes its name. From tourists to wildlife photographers, everyone visits this place just to catch a sight of tigers here. Tigers are the heart of Ranthambore National Park and freely prance. Tiger spotting is one-of-a-kind of experience and cannot be put in words. You will actually know what it feels like when you yourself will experience it. Other than the magnificent tigers, you can spot leopards, jungle cats and many more exciting species. One should visit this place between the months of October-June and the best time to spot the tiger is between March-May.

One can only share the stories of their exciting wildlife trip but what will remain forever is the feeling of going to that place once again. Once in a lifetime, you should definitely go on a wildlife trip like this and enjoy small little things that nature offers to us. This information is just half of what you will actually explore there. So, book your tickets, head out and be fearless.

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