Importance Of Motion Graphics In Marketing

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Motion graphics is an effective tool for marketing and branding. Animation and marketing through short videos or reels continue to trend and this method of advertising is expanding consistently every year. It’s simple to execute and deliver, easy to consume, useful for spreading knowledge, and enjoyable to watch when done effectively.

Graphic design and animation methods are combined in motion design. To put abstract shapes, text, and other graphic design elements in motion, requires graphic design expertise as well as the use of animation principles enabled by platforms such as custom motion graphic videos by Brandripe

Professional animators with skills are spreading their wings from creating straightforward digital animations like moving titles, spinning shapes, and animated logos to designing intricate and complex animations like those seen in movies, television, and professionally produced online video content. Using movement for otherwise static images visually appealing content is made through motion graphics tools. 

Why use motion graphics in branding?

Virtually any company may profit from digital advertising, but it’s critical to pick the appropriate kind. It helps to have a fundamental understanding of the many kinds of animation that are accessible to do that. Here are five of the main advantages of motion graphics in that context.

  • Great for logo design

Kinetic text with motion graphics can elevate the logo’s impact on consumers. Imagine a company that manufactures pop soda. Animators can use graphics to spin a story that shows summer heat that is quenched through the soda pop. An animator can spin a story using soda pop and animated characters to show the effective thirst-quenching drink through the brand’s soda pop. However, in the end, if the logo is animated, the brand’s details stay etched in the minds of the viewers.  

  • Strength to concept marketing

Imagine products like apps, consulting, legal offices, or software. These products are visually weak in establishing a connection with consumers, Only people who are looking for the said products or services will try to connect with a brand. However, if a visual impact can be created through social media GIFs, and explainer videos with motion graphics, then viewers can relate to the product and refer it to the desired target audience. It creates a wider impact which will bring in more conversions of paid consumers. 

  • Elevated visual branding

A company can create motion graphics that properly capture the essence of the brand by selecting the appropriate fonts, colors, voiceover, and even movement styles. It’s straightforward and effective, and it shows that virtually any kind of brand can produce visually appealing and entertaining video content.

The preservation of a brand’s animation style will soon be important to them since it can aid with brand recognition just like typefaces and colors do. 

  • Clear and easy method

Motion graphics are excellent for clearly and simply expressing information. With visual images that move, it will be like watching a narration of cartoon text with other elements that explain the content vividly. It makes it easier for a marketing team to concentrate on the main points. This has tremendous marketing value. Motion graphics get to the point by limiting to simple yet effective visual elements.

  • Enhances scale and reach

With motion graphics, the marketing team can quickly create video content in a variety of languages by simply adjusting the text and voiceover to correspond to the intended audience. 

A brand can have country-specific videos playing everywhere in the world for a fraction of the price of the original video. With few changes in the elements, the video can target audiences from different age groups or ethnicities. 

All these changes are money and time-consuming affairs with motion picture videos. Sometimes the same impact cannot be created as the actors may change as per language requirements. However, with motion graphics, the cost is reduced by a fraction, and several improvisations can be carried out at the edit table. 


Together, customers and consumers can profit from having a strong brand because they are the ones who grow businesses by giving them great word-of-mouth recommendations and positive internet reviews, which helps businesses build their brand better through digital marketing. Using motion graphics as a marketing method will make the advertisement more effective.

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