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How did sensor work in automatic glass doors?

The Automatic glass doors with sensor are one of the best modern inventions. All we have to do is walk to the door and it opens like magic. An automatic door is a closure or opening structure used to limit access to an entrance through the use of automated technology. Doors can come in many types, such as swinging, turning and sliding.

Glass Doors with Sensors

How automatic glass doors sensor works?

The sensors used in this safety system are an automatic system that removes the need for manual operation. The placement of the sensors depends on its functionality. For example, weight sensors are placed on the floor near the exit door. The system detects weight as soon as you press the sensors and the automatic mechanism triggers to open the gate.

Motion detectors are usually placed on the top of a door or on the sides. They sense movement or motion and trigger the automatic mechanism to open the door. When you go to an automatic door, you know it will open, but you can not see the sensors because they are hidden for security and performance reasons.

For example, weight sensors are usually covered with a rubber mat to prevent them from being crushed under the weight. But the motion sensors on the door frame do not exist. You can not see the sensors but you can see them working.
The door closes as soon as the sensors stop working. An automatic sensor glass door is the best safety equipment for shopping malls and commercial areas with large numbers of visitors. Security personnel can easily monitor visitors who pass through an automatic door.

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