Innovative Coworkings: Check out the world’s most modern spaces

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Have you thought about having a poolside meeting? Or have an app that tells you when the meeting room is available? If so, some innovative coworkers provide that. After all, shared offices go beyond queued workstations and a coffee machine in the

Innovating in work environments is essential to maintaining a healthy routine. This innovation ranges from a new organization of space, which stimulates circulation, to the use of technologies that facilitate routine or resources that stimulate productivity.

In this post, we brought a list of some of the most innovative coworkers in the world. Check it out!

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Ministry of New (Mumbai, India)

When thinking about an ordinary coworking what comes to mind is a space with neutral colours, several tables, some sofas, maybe a pool table or foosball table and good artificial lighting. The Ministry of New, created where it used to be a publisher, runs away from this pattern and bets on a different look. It is colourful and with large windows to bring natural light.

It also offers facilities such as free coffee and tea, free use of printers and concierge services. Space also has a wide variety of usage options, aimed at freelance professionals and companies. There are collective desks, sofas and other options such as workstations, besides meeting rooms and fixed private offices.

The Boardroom (Anchorage, USA)

Who would have thought that a small town in Alaska would be in the relationship of innovative coworkers? Contrary to expectations, The Boardroom shows innovation initiatives that guarantee its place on the list.

Despite its location outside the axis of large cosmopolitan cities, the shared office has innovative features and functions that facilitate users’ use and daily life:

A digital check-in system to speed up visitor access for tours and meetings and deliverers on-site;
It offers a variety of plans to meet different professionals and their needs; it is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, and its users have discounts and offer on local businesses;
Offers a variety of plans to meet different professionals and their needs;
Is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, and its users have discounts and offer in local businesses.

Crew Collective & Café (Montreal, Canada)

It’s not every day that you find a coworking with chandeliers and high, vaulted ceilings. In addition to setting up the list of innovative coworkers by the variety of plans, the Crew Collective & Café space stands out because it was a bank in the 1920s and had almost all of its original structure maintained.

The old management and staff rooms were the biggest change from the original model. They gained new glass walls and were transformed into meeting rooms of different sizes.

One of the corridors was transformed into a Zen space. The environment gained a complete kitchen and a place with tables and chairs to be used as a dining room. The structure is impressive, but the reservation of the spaces is done only by indications and invitations.

Thinking of the general public, they kept the coffee area free for anyone to use, as well as the booths for calls and some private offices.

The Ministry (London, England)

While some coworkers create spaces for workshops and small happy hours, The Ministry in London takes the concept of social space and events to a new level.

Built in a six-story shed, the shared office space has all the basic elements we find in a regular coworking. There are workstations, kitchen, meeting room and much more.

However, in the same building, and as part of the monthly subscription, users have access to a gym, zen space, use of a movie theatre and studio for creating multimedia content.

On another floor, there is a full bar for free use after hours and participation in events. There is also a cinema room and an outdoor terrace for events and happy hour.

DojoBali (Bali, Thailand)

An office on the beach is on the dream list of several professionals. But that goes beyond just enjoying the sun on your face and the sand on your feet. You still need a place to support your notebook, sockets, a good internet and a good space to find clients.

And that’s what DojoBali offers: solutions for all the needs of a shared office, but with a pool next door and the ocean just a few steps away.

It has all the basic environments for a coworking in a big city. And it also has a good shared outdoor area, a pool, terrace and showers for those who want to take a jump in the sea. Not to mention an event space for up to 80 people.

To complete, it has a full calendar of events to stimulate social interaction and networking among users.

Besides its impressive structure and location of dreams, DojoBali has created a coliving space. You can stay inside the complex. Thus, you have unlimited access to coworking and a few more benefits: free surf lesson, a SIM card with internet and group yoga classes.

Innovative coworkings open space for the future of work:

At the forefront of this process of reinventing the traditional workspace model are the shared offices. More than places focused on professional activities, the goal is that these environments form communities that make room for the future of work.

It is quite common for flexible spaces to invest in a different design, in new environments such as booths for private connections, in addition to a variety of desks, armchairs, sofas and even networks.

More and more people and companies of all sizes are migrating to this new office model. After all, coworking is above all a strategic moment, which is proving increasingly essential for brands and professionals to gain competitiveness in an increasingly competitive market.

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