The importance of professional improvement: Coworking Challenge

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The importance of professional improvement and the role of the coworking in this challenge
Professional improvement is something that everyone knows is important for the career and for companies, but did you know that it is possible to count on a coworking as a facilitator of this endeavour?


That’s what I’ll talk about in today’s article. If you are looking for improvement for your career or want to make your employees more productive and efficient, check the text out to the end!

After all, what should I prioritize for good improvement?

Let’s start by organizing your ideas better. One of the things that most affect people’s professional life is the lack of clarity in their goals. That’s why I highlighted the 3 points that I consider most relevant to ensure a good improvement for the career and for the company.

Time management

Time is the only resource that is offered to us in a totally free and equal way. We all have the same 24 hours every new day, even if some of them seem to be less. What causes this feeling is the lack of organization and control of tasks. So, this is a skill that everyone, from any professional area needs to develop.

Technical skills

Talking about career or team improvements without mentioning technical skills is frivolous. Obviously, each one should seek constant updating in their area of expertise, through courses, training and participation in events such as lectures, workshops and meetups. All this enriches your knowledge base and that of your entire company.

Interpersonal relationship

No matter how isolated and unitary your profession is, we are social beings and we need to interact constantly. The world of business revolves around the relationships established between people at events, in prospecting for clients, and in establishing partnerships with other companies and suppliers. The organizations and liberal professionals that dominate interpersonal skills are ahead of their competitors.

How does a coworking contribute to this process?

Okay, we have 3 starting points that can be worked on in different ways. But how can a coworking help to improve each one? That’s what I’m going to tell you now!


In traditional offices, the rule is created and maintained by managers. Working hours, rest periods and days off are only followed by the professionals, who may or may not count on certain flexibility. Although it is a very valid way of managing time, it inhibits individuals from developing their self-management.

When working in a coworking Be it affordable or not, it is you who determines your schedules. Therefore, you are obliged to organize yourself and manage the tasks to be developed within the time you intend to use. This helps you get a better sense of the time spent on each activity and what your most productive schedules are. Not to mention it makes it easier to relax your routine whenever necessary.

Location and services

You know that course you always wanted to take, or that event in your area that your employees should go to but which is far away from the company’s head office? With the support of the coworking you have an easier access to them without interfering so much in the deliveries to be made.

Just find a unit that is close to the event or course location and work from there at break times or during the day in case of night events. I even talked about it in one of my blog articles here, about Building Coworking, which is near HSR layout unit here in The Venture Studios.

The services offered by the spaces perfectly meet the routine of an office and the adaptation of tasks is much easier that way than having to move around the city.

Sharing among different professionals

coworking space in hsr layout
When we think of coworking it is very easy to think of autonomous professionals interacting and creating a network, but did you know that companies that settle in these spaces also enjoy similar benefits?

There are several options of locations with private rooms in HSR Layout Bangalore, I’ve been to some of them and I can say that I saw different types of businesses operating very well in them. People interacted not only with their company colleagues but with other professionals in shared environments, such as the kitchen and living room.

It is an excellent way to get to know different subjects from those that are part of their daily lives and establish important partnerships.

What qualities have coworkers in ‘TheVenture Studios’ helped me to improve?

I have already mentioned some points I have been able to see in the places I have been visiting, but I have saved this section to talk about what I have learned from all this so far and how it has been important for my professional growth. Keep up.

Personal and professional organization

When I was working allocated to a company, all other commitments were made to it. This ranged from doctor’s appointments to problem-solving at the bank. After I started working at home, I was forced to find ways to organize myself. To do all these things, I needed to advance my service to release almost a full day and try to solve several things at once.

Today, through The Venture Studios one of the top coworking spaces can simply choose a unit that is close to the commitment I have and go, as happened in my trip to it, a coworking in the region of HSR Layout. I can use my time in a more intelligent and effective way, I take advantage of promotions in economic hours in services, without ceasing to perform my tasks and generate my income.


Resilience is a word that is present in most requirements of current positions. It is directly related to a person’s ability to adapt to new scenarios and obtain good results from them. I spent 13 workings in companies, then another 2 years comfortable in my home. Now, about once or twice a week I work in a different coworking.

With each new visit, different experiences and sensations. New opportunities to experience the professional routine from a varied perspective. Thus, I have to adapt to each new office and this makes me more prepared to face the adversities that arise along the way.

Visualization of new opportunities

The first contact I had with a coworking, the first opportunity came: to write in this blog. The fact of visiting the sites and having contact with other companies and professionals showed me that I was closing in on a bubble while spending so much time chanted in my room.

Talking to people about work or casual matters helps to open my mind to new experiences. It helped me to see that I needed to invest more in my career and to show myself as a competent professional I am to the world. It encouraged me to always want to be better and to go for my success.

I, alone, have been able to absorb all this in less than 2 months. Can you imagine what an entire team of your company doesn’t have to bring from improvements?

If you’re looking for professional improvement, how about taking a new step into the future?

Meet one of The Venture Studios network coworking and experience all these benefits.

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