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Investment banking has been a go-to industry for fresh graduates who complete their MBA. This specific sector of banking or finance helps companies in raising capital for their organization. They also specialize in offering consultancy services to them. The high paying potential of this sector makes it the most longed for a career for many. Getting into a career as an investment banker is bewildering but not impossible. It requires you to stand out in a crowd full of intelligent people and show them your real potential. Most top-notch banks prefer MBA graduates for they are pretty well-versed in finance and analytics.


  1. Reason for the popularity:

As an MBA student, investment banking is one field that would provide you endless learning opportunities that would help you advance in your career. Any entry-level banker is usually given a very fast-paced internship that helps you in building a strong base in finance and marketing. Whether you stay in the job or switch your career track, the experience as an investment banker itself will make you resume more valuable. The high pay is also the most common reason for the graduates to prefer this sector.


  1. Skill sets that coincide:

It’s not an easy task to get into a job that has just hundreds of opening in every cycle and when you’re competing with a bunch of worthy applicants. A bulky skillset is expected from an applicant and this mostly coincides with the skills that a business school will help you develop. This is the biggest reason for many MBA graduates to opt for this career path.


Listed below are a few of the skills a viable MBA graduate is presumed to have, that may push you ahead in the race.


  • Customer rapport: An investment banker would have to ultimately sell their service to a customer through the relationship he builds with them. A management study would prepare you with loads of practical conferences and seminars to become more social.
  • Leadership: The ability to manage a group and make insightful decisions even in a stressful situation makes you a good leader. Developing leadership skills is the general mission in any business management program.
  • Communication and presentation: An MBA graduate is trained to be good at linguistic knowledge and body language. The program shapes you to view any situation from a business perspective. It’s all about marketing yourself and a management graduate is expected to nail it.
  • Networking: Without a proper network, it is close to impossible to get into the field of investment banking. The B-schools organize frequent inter-college and industry merged gatherings which are great opportunities for the students to build their contacts.
  • Negotiation skills: In a job of influencing and convincing the other person, negotiation is the key to success.




Make sure you polish these skills if you are passionate about investment banking.


With guidance from the experienced faculties and the experts from the field, Lexicon MILE provides you a stage to mould you to fulfill your aspiration. Our University’s placement unit coordinates with many companies and arranges for an on-campus interview exclusively for our students opening the widest door for our students.


About Lexicon MILE:


The Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence (Lexicon MILE) belongs to the rich legacy of Lexicon Group of Institutions, Pune established in the year 1999, well known and reputed in the education industry. More than 12,000 students are shaping their career under the illustrious Lexicon Group of Institutions.

Lexicon MILE, founded in the year 2009 and well known all over Pune as the Oxford of the East and its chain of Lexicon CBSE and Lexicon Kids Pre-Schools boasts of a legacy of quality and value driven education, rolled out to Punekars, over the years. Today Lexicon MILE has come a long way, in a short span of nine years, to be known as the most sought after B-School, in eastern Pune, equipped with a state of the art campus and a studio finish building with Air Conditioned and CCTV enabled facilities of Classrooms, Seminar Halls, Auditoriums, Library, Common Rooms etc.


Ranked 29th all over India by Times of India rankings of 2018 and as ranked as one of the Top 50 B-Schools in all prominent Business Surveys by Business Journals & Magazines like Business Standard, Business World etc., Lexicon MILE is a premier Management Institute known for its value-based academic excellence and world class management education, which nurtures young skills, abilities and perspectives, with defined pedagogies, resulting in the holistic development of an individual.


The Lexicon Management Institute for Leadership and Excellence has been actively engaged in creating and nurturing Management professionals who are not only the ‘Pride’ of Lexicon MILE, but also, the ‘Privilege’ of their parents and most importantly, a source of ‘Power’ to their companies.


Lexicon MILE is committed to serving our communities by recognizing the diversity of Indians. Students across the country from up North to down South, from East to West are enrolled with us, to meet their professional needs of an enriched corporate life. With a large base of Lexicon MILE alumni in the corporate today, spread across the globe, we encourage personal and professional development through value based education as a foundation for life-long learning. Lexicon MILE lives the culture of transparency and liberalism in all its initiatives.


With a rich pool of faculty both from the Academics as well as Corporate worlds, first-class quality of students, superior systems and processes that blend Indian culture and contemporary practices / policies, Lexicon MILE is today consistently rated as one of the best B-Schools in the city of Pune.


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MILE Tower, GATE No 726, Pune-Nagar Road, Wagholi,Pune, Maharashtra 412207



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