The Pros & Cons of Get Your iPhone Repair at Third Party Repair Shop

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This is probably the worse experience you had with your iPhone, you found out that the iPhone’s warranty is just gone and what happened next is you’ve either damaged the iPhone screen or other hardware malfunction started to kick-in. You’ve probably will ask, where is the best place to fix it? Is it best to go to Apple or look for the third party iPhone repair store to fix your device?

There is actually no answer to it, everything must be depends on factors such as repair time, quality of the parts and repairing cost and etc.

First of all, an appointment has to be made online to get an iPhone fixed in an Apple Store. Besides, it can be difficult to get an appointment when you really need it, because, sometimes the waiting time for appointment can be lengthy as well. The other options is the devices can also be shipped back to Apple for repair or sending through by an Apple-authorized service provider. The turnaround time may be several weeks when an iPhone is shipped to Apple for repair. It take you several days for shipping, but it depends on your location as well. Then, Apple claimed that it will typically take up to five business days to fix a device at its center. Finally, few more days or up to week for them to ship back your device. It is undeniable, the whole process is lengthy and time wasting.

On the other hand, repair at the third party repair shops are usually much cheaper, but the point is, some even providing the same-day repair for specific repairs such as iPhone screen replacement, iPhone battery replacement, iPhone port or camera replacement. The repairing cost from third party repair store usually is much cheaper. The challenging part is to find a repair shop that provides quality repairing services as well as time and cost savings.

Most of the time, it’s cheaper to get an out of warranty iPhone fixed with an third party repair store than Apple, but this is not the case when a new iPhone is launched as the new launched parts is much more expensive. There are many iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 parts and tools on the market. Thus, you don’t have to pay a fortune for iPhone 6 screen replacement, iPhone 7 screen replacement, iPhone 6 battery replacement or iPhone 7 battery replacement. The list goes on.

One potentially big difference is that Apple deletes the iPhone data before it is fixed, while independent repair shops do not have that practice usually. Wiping the data means restoring the device to its factory reset state. It protects consumers from possible infringements of data and personal information but it could also result in losing all the pictures, apps and phone numbers that have not been backed up regularly. Therefore, the best practice will definitely be backup your iPhone data at home and clean your device’s data and personal information before you take it in for repair.

Above all, below are the Pros & Cons of get your iPhone repair at third party repair shop :


  • Much cheaper – value for money.
  • No waiting time – you don’t have to wait for weeks.
  • Much more convenient to people.


  • Possibility get low quality parts.
  • Lack of trust – the reliability of the repair shop.
  • Breach of personal data.

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