Jewelry Design Studio – Steps Followed For Jewelry Manufacturing!

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If you are just getting started in the jewelry designing industry, you need to understand the process involved in jewelry manufacturing. With the essential knowledge, you will be able to communicate better with the coordinator of the jewelry design company and use the production process efficiently. In addition, this knowledge would help you understand how the associated cost of the jewelry piece is finalized. 

Here is the list of basic steps involved in the jewelry manufacturing process – 

  • Creating A 3D Jewelry Design 

Once you have a design on paper, it is time to start working on the digital model. With the use of appropriate software, you can prepare the 3D jewelry design. The jewelry design studio often takes this step to see the piece before putting it up for production. The 3D model might not look as pretty as your final product, but it will help you understand its functionality. 

  • Making A 3D Wax Model 

Once you are completely satisfied with the 3D model of your jewery piece, you can move on to the next step – creating a 3D wax model of the item. Every jewelry design studio uses a 3D printing machine to print a wax model out of resin. 

  • Casting The Model Into The Desired Metal 

In the next step, the jewelry goes to the casting process. Your piece starts looking more like jewelry that you might see in the store at this stage. Next, the wax is melted and replaced with the molten form of the desired metal, such as gold, silver, or platinum. Finally, the metal gets dried into the shape of the jewelry piece one designed. 

  • Assembling Of The Jewelry Piece 

After the design is cast into the shape of jewelry, the final fabrication process occurs. The casting skin sheds to reveal the metal underneath. Once casting is complete, the jewelry design studio needs to make several adjustments to ensure that the piece can functionally support gemstones. First, mounts are made in the piece, and then it is passed on to the next step – stone setting. 

  • Setting Stones On To The Jewel 

In this step, an expert setter takes gemstones or diamonds and mount them into the jewelry piece. Maximum carefulness is required for setting up the center stone into the mount. The setters often require a hand drill and microscope to set up each side stone separately. 

  • Polishing, Finishing, And Quality Check

It is the final step that involves a polisher. It ensures that the jewelry piece sold by the jewelry design studio is perfectly polished. Next, the final piece is made as shiny as possible. A few final additions are involved in this process, only if required. And finally, the piece is carefully inspected and analyzed to ensure the product production is successful. 

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