Oh My! A kid Skateboard, Helmet, and Pads – Perfect Beginner’s Bundle

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So your boy or girl is asking for a skateboard? How cool, skateboarding is a great way to get outside and work on balance, coordination and agility. It helps develop self confidence, creativity and persistence. Their skate friends will be some of the most supportive buddies they’ve got.  

You probably want to make sure they get some good gear to get started. You don’t want to break the bank, but you probably have the sense that a cheap skateboard may be more trouble than it’s worth. We’ll do our best to help identity some of the best options. 

  1. Skateboards

The Kids skateboard itself should be of a high quality and also sized correctly for the smaller skater. This can be a tough find. Many smaller boards are lower quality toy boards that don’t last long and can be discouraging for a beginner. Most high quality boards are sized for teens and adults. 

SkateXS is the leader in building properly sized smaller skateshop quality skateboards. These boards make it safer and easier for kids to learn correctly from day one. The can skate at the skatepark or in the neighborhood. From first pushes to the X-Games, SkateXS has kids covered. 

At SkateXS, we have skateboards for beginners and more advanced kids skateboarders.  

The SkateXS beginners’ skateboards are affordably priced and feature slightly softer wheels for smoother riding on a wide variety of surfaces:

  • SkateXS Dragon Beginner Complete Skateboard for Kids
  • SkateXS Unicorn Beginner Complete Skateboard for Kids
  • SkateXS Flowers Beginner Complete Skateboard for Kids
  • SkateXS Starboard Beginner Complete Skateboard for Kids

The SkateXS Pro Series Skateboards are designed for skaters who will spend the majority of their time at the skatepark. These boards utilize the lightweight high performance SkateXS deck and then components from skateboarding’s leading brands like Thunder, Bones and Spitfire:

  • SkateXS Purple Panda Pro Complete Skateboard for Kids
  • SkateXS Unicorn Pro Complete Skateboard for Kids
  • SkateXS Pirate Pro Complete Skateboard for Kids

    2. Helmets

Whether your son or daughter is a beginner or has been skateboarding for years, they should wear a helmet. A high quality helmet not only protects your child while skateboarding but also keeps confidence high so they can try new tricks and manuevers. 

At SkateXS, we offer different types and styles of skateboarding helmets. 

  • Triple 8 Certified Sweatsaver Helmet – our #1 recommendation, the newest skateboard helmet, now endorsed and skated by Tony Hawk himself! 
  • Triple 8 Brainsaver Dual Certified Helmet – a classic helmet also available in MIPS configuration. 
  •  Triple 8 Gotham Dual Certified Helmet – a unique urban inspired bike and skate helmet with an adjustable knob in back.

    3. Skateboarding Pads

Skaters often wear knee and elbow pads. We also recommend wrist guards. Hand and wrist injuries are the most preventable of all skateboard incidents as the wrist guards are too often ignored. More advanced skaters have learned not to use their hands to catch themselves, this takes time. We recommend all 3 types of pads to start. 

Thankfully we carry the Triple 8 Saver Series – 3 – Pack which contains the Knee, Elbow and Wrist Guards all in one affordable package. 

Final Words

With the perfect skateboard and protective gear, your child is ready for their skateboarding adventures! Have fun out there and always reach out to SkateXS with any questions.

Browse your skateboards and skateboarding gear options at SkateXS now!

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