KION Pediatric Clinic: A Natural Choice to Children’s Health

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KION Pediatrics by Dr. Kris Nwokeji at Jonesboro, AR, is about connecting, passion, and service: much more than just providing the best treatment to children for safe recovery. Dr. Kris’s offerings of love, compassion, and good treatment for children suffering from illness helps them to recover fast. The love of Dr. Kris towards children, and the kind and friendly nature of the staff give the feeling of safety and hope to the parents and children.  

It’s truly a blessing for the parents and child to get the best-trusted pediatrician. He is an important part of a child’s upbringing. A pediatrician can either give a child mental peace and good health or can develop in him or her anxiety and pain, which could worsen the health of the child. But the best pediatrician can help in speedy recovery. At KION Clinic, Dr. Kris’s special attention towards ailing children gives them a special feeling of peace and security. Dr. Kris loves being with children, and the children love visiting his clinic which in turn helps in delivering the right treatment for illness in the right manner. The patience and skills for good interaction are essential to get a good rapport with the children which are the must-have qualities of a Pediatrician. At KION Pediatrics, fun-loving activities for children, for example, KION Costume contests, are frequently conducted to keep up the good spirits in children.

 KION Pediatrics, one of the top children’s clinics in Jonesboro, AR, is offering specialized services along with usual pediatric treatments for keeping up the health of the Children. Here, treatments are given to children suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It is a neurological disorder that can begin in childhood and can remain in adulthood. It can lead to difficulty in attending, or following instructions, completing school assignments, problems in social interaction, etc. Evaluations like Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluations are done at KION Pediatrics for needy children. Autism refers to developmental disability characterized by challenges with speech, repetitive behaviors, social skills, and nonverbal communication. It is identified as the fastest-growing developmental disability in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates indicate that about one among 59 children in the United States has autism. There is no cure known for autism but thousands of children have received an improvement in their condition as it was early diagnosed and effective interventions were used. The diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder is difficult as there is no blood test or any other medical test to diagnose this disorder. Therefore, in some clinics, Autism gets misdiagnosed and children with Autism are mistaken as a child suffering from ADHD, or he or she is even evaluated as nothing wrong. Hence, careful evaluation is done for ASD at KION Clinic.  

At KION Pediatrics immunizations for various diseases like Measles, Hepatitis, etc. are given and also procedures like circumcisions. The tests for checking the functionality of sense organs in children like vision screening and hearing tests can be done here. Ear Lavage is also available. Spirometry tests are a standard test which doctors use to measure the functioning of the lungs. Other available services include closing the wound with staples or Dermabond, removing the suture/ staple, etc. In addition to these, KION Clinic also gives various kinds of counseling for parents like nutritional counseling, i.e., advice, and suggestions given for ensuring that children get the right nutrition. Counseling is also provided for tobacco and vaping products addicts in an effective way. The school physical training forms an important aspect of a child’s development and hence, this aspect is also taken up with the concerned people. In addition to the services offered at the clinic, we conduct check-ups at school as well as on campus.

People come to this heavenly healthcare clinic from faraway places for their children to get treated. Book an appointment with KION Pediatrics soon to get good healthcare solutions for your child: call 870-333-5466. 

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