Things to Know About Lowrance Elite 7 Transducer

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Lowrance elite 7 transducer is one of the top-notch sonar technologies that provide awesome views underneath the boat. If you talk about the name of the product, you would be delighted to know that it represents the touch interface and an intuitive operating system which provides quick, fingertip access to the Elite-7 Ti characteristics. It also has a high resolution and a multi-touch screen display which will display all your requirements. 

Product Features of the Lowrance elite 7 transducers

  • High-goals show: It includes various features like Lowrance-selective, SolarMAX™ 800 x 480 high-goals, 7″ corner to corner, LED-illuminated shading show and so on. 
  • It is well covered with the support of the StructureScan® HD and all-in-one transducer. With the help of the in-built GPS antenna and the professional Lowrance navigation technology, the navigation for the mariners becomes easy and accurate.
  •  The transducer also matches the proven Broadband Sounder and the CHIRP Sonar along with the imaging technology. This makes it possible for the target fishes to search for the fish-holding structure within the same transducer. This is one of the products that have multiple mounting options available for the users with the integrated support for the mariners. 
  • Simple to-utilize touchscreen: The Multi-contact touchscreen gives quick, fingertip access to all Elite-7 Ti highlights making it easier for the users to access. 
  • It also features the wireless Bluetooth connectivity the mariners to download the software updates but also helps in increasing the capability to download the Insight Genius customized maps for the unit. This can be done immediately directly from the water.
  • Peep Sonar, DownScan Imaging™: The transducer has the quality of top-notch sonar advances which provides one of the ideal perspectives for the users. This will provide you a better outlook of the view underneath the boat. This transducer will do everything for you. 
  • TrackBack™: You can easily scroll back through the sonar, SideScan or DownScan the history to survey out the and imprint out the area with a waypoint. This is one of the greatest help to the users. 
  • The users can easily use the built-in wireless connectivity of the Elite-7 Transducer displays to control one or the other water anchors which are equipped with the C-monster control system. It’s time for you to enjoy the similar controls of the multiple power poles and make the automatic or the manual adjustments directly from the touch screen option. 
  • Inward GPS reception apparatus: It is one of the highly precise features that worked in 10Hz GPS receiving wires.

Working of a transducer

  • One of the easiest ways to understand how the transducer works effectively is to think of it as one of the speakers along with a microphone that is built into one unit. Basically, the transducer receives all the sequences of the high voltage pulses that are electrical and transmits these pulses from the echosounder. Just like you have the speakers at home, in a similar way, the transducer converts all the transmit pulses into a sound. 
  • Then, these sound travels via the water in the form of pressure waves. Whenever a wave strikes an object like a rock, weed, fish or the bottom, the wave then bounces back. The wave is just like an echo. It will bounce back. Whenever it does the same, the transducer will act as a microphone as it receives the sound wave during this time.
  •  This is a product that will spend around 1% of the time in transmitting and around 99% of the time in quietly listening to the echoes. Always remember the duration is measured in microseconds and the time between the pulses is always very short. The echosounder will calculate the time difference between the return echo and the transmit pulse and will then display information on the screen in a better and accurate way. This will be understood by the user more accurately and easily. 

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