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Know How to Increase Your Odds Of Winning A Medical Malpractice Case

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Filing a lawsuit against a medical practitioner for malpractice can be very challenging. Based on surveys, it’s mostly the medical practitioner who has won the case. As filing a lawsuit involves a lot of money, it might wreck your financial condition if it doesn’t go in your favor.

Before filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, it is vital that you consult an experienced medical malpractice attorney so that he can guide you and help you receive fair compensation.

The Odds Of Winning A Medical Malpractice Case Depends On The Following:

  • Experience of the medical malpractice attorney – In such critical cases experience of the lawyer is what becomes a deciding factor because physicians hire the best of the lawyers, thereby winning the case. Have a conversation with a few to understand how strong your case is and how confidently they claim to prove the malfunction. 
  • Assess your case properly – Talk about all the probable damages and whatever happened to you in detail with any medical malpractice attorneys. Before filing a lawsuit, it is essential to remember that it won’t be relevant unless harm occurred due to negligence or any other malpractice. 

Also, one can seek economic loss after a specific limit and even non-economic damage like the cost of intangible pain in a lawsuit. After knowing all the case details, it will be easier for the attorney to frame the lawsuit and the allegations listed against the medical practitioner.

  • Send a Demand Letter to Defendant-. A Demand letter describes the claim and makes a demand for compensation.  This might seem like an unnecessary step, but most people skip this and end up without a settlement offer or expected verdict.
  • Assembling strong evidence – Even the strongest of malfunction cases have been lost because of weak evidence. There should be no confusion in medical evidence. Having a medical witness and an affidavit increases the chance of winning. 

Only an experienced attorney will be able to gather enough evidence to prove the medical practitioner’s negligence. The cases of negligence are the toughest to prove and hence win. 

But there are cases like improper dosage, failure to diagnose, misreading of results, unnecessary surgery, or surgical errors, which are potentially stronger cases and also easier to prove.

In most states, it requires a medical expert to testify and explain the appropriate standards and how the practitioner was negligent, and up to what extent he deviated from the bar. 

  • Do Not contact any Insurance company – Never approach an insurance company as they invest billions of dollars in preventing and minimizing malpractice claims. Be very careful about whom you talk to about your case. Deny access to your medical records to anyone other than any good medical malpractice attorneys.

Trust the Professionals!!

Skilled medical malpractice attorneys would ensure you a win by building up a successful case and protecting your rights. He will try to negotiate as much as possible before taking the case to trial. However, if he can’t reach a reasonable agreement, he would prefer to take it to court to maximize the compensation.

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