Know When to Hire a Personal Motoring Solicitor

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It goes without saying that the rate of drunk driving between Christmas and New Year increases eventually. And yes, even the majority of the motoring solicitors in London affirm the same. According to several studies and reports, almost half of the crash fatalities occur the most when the driver is under the influence of alcohol. And the percentage keeps increasing until New Year’s day alone. 

Normally, many motoring defence solicitors have stated that people tend to drink more because of their family and friends, who arṣe partaking enough. Or else, some individuals drink rarely or just do it for the sake of special occasions. However, with potentially critical road conditions in the early winters, this growth rate indicates an alarming rate of alcohol-related accidents. 

No matter the particular reason for your drunk driving, once you get caught by the cops, you certainly need to have a specialist motoring solicitor on your side. And guess what is pretty common in the UK around Christmas time is that significant penalties and enforcements are implemented, which may burn a hole in your pocket when offended. 

Curious to know how much one has to pay if they receive a drink and drive ticket? 

All regions in the UK consider drinking and driving as a legal offence. Research studies have consistently demonstrated that consuming alcohol affects coordination, judgement, and reaction time. And consequently, all these three factors are critical for safe driving. If you have ever been convicted of a similar offence, you will definitely have to pay much more than the standard fine. So, do not neglect the importance of driving safely. Otherwise, you may end up paying hefty fines. 

On the other hand, if anyone got injured due to an accident with your drink and driving, unfortunately, the time has come to consider any of the renowned motoring solicitors in London. The reason why this makes a huge difference is that you need someone to represent you legally.

In contrast, if you have been a victim of drinking and driving, you certainly deserve full coverage. And no one other than a reputed solicitor can help you get that. Keep in mind that car accidents involved with drinking and driving are always devastating. Only an experienced solicitor can understand how much compensation matters for you and your loved ones in those difficult times. 

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