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Custom Moissanite Engagement Rings have been gaining in popularity immensely in recent years due to the advancements regarding the quality of Moissanites and the techniques behind manufacturing and cutting. The cost of Diamonds has also become a huge factor with an Engagement Ring being the third-highest purchase for couples behind a house and car. Even the Lab Grown Diamonds are still commanding a huge price in the marketplace with an average of only a 20% saving on the like for like cost compared with a genuine Diamond. This could be why young couples have chosen the Moissanite over the Genuine Diamond and Lab Grown Diamond. With many young couples today juggling a mortgage and kids, spending has been reined in for the Engagement Ring and spent more on the wedding with the hope of upgrading the ring when they are in a financially better position.

The other reason many women have chosen to have a Moissanite Ring made is that they have either lost Genuine Diamond Rings and want to replace it or have a replica made of a costly item so it can be worn more often in the event it is lost. The fact that Moissanites look almost identical to a Diamond but come at a fraction of the price means that this is a great option for Jewellery that ladies are overly conscious about.

Moissanite Engagement Ring In Australia

Moissanites are just as easy to work with as Diamonds are. They are extremely strong and heat resistant meaning they are durable and considered great for everyday wear. It also means they can be fashioned into any quality metal such as Gold and Platinum or even paired with Genuine Diamonds.

The other great fact is that they are completely ethically sourced as they are lab-grown it means they are 100% ecofriendly. For ladies who like to know exactly how their Jewellery is made and where it comes from Moissanites offer an alternative to Diamonds which could come from questionable origins.

Another factor that should be considered when looking at a Moissanite Engagement Ring is the manufacturer. Some don’t cut smaller stones in a Moissanite so it’s a good idea to go with a Jeweller who manufactures and cuts their own. Jewelers who can produce good color and quality Moissanites are a must and if looking to create a custom design its always ideal to work with a Jeweller that has the experience of producing and working with Moissanites.

Moissanite Engagement Ring In Sydney

Again, a Moissanite Ring is a great option due to production and cutting techniques vastly improving in recent years, making top graded Moissanites very similar to Diamonds. They both share top spots on the Moh’s scale in terms of hardness and they both have a similar dispersion rate meaning they outshine most other gems. Some Moissanites, however, do appear cloudy and on the yellow side if they aren’t the best quality, so shopping with a reputable brand that shows off their product is a must. Especially with any item that requires more than one Moissanite or a cluster together, you want to ensure that the stones are of great color and clarity as they are a pair, it can be noticeable if some are of a lower color grade than the others in the setting.

While any Moissanite Jewellery including a Moissanite Ring is still an investment it’s also wise to consider guarantees and insurance. Some Jewellers offer better guarantees than others and while the cost may not be as high as a Genuine Diamond it is still a price that should come with peace of mind. Look for Jewellers and manufacturers that guarantee their Moissanites and Jewellery. Some even offer insurance which often because the cost is significantly lower than the Diamond option is only a small add on to the price.

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