Learn About The Out-Of-The-Box Pizza Recipes in Michigan

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Get your family running home for dinner with their favorite, pizza. That’s right the ultimate meal that will get any kid running home for dinner. Heck, kids of all ages come running for pizza. You could even whisper that you are thinking of ordering pizza and someone is going to show up to share in a slice or two.

Of course, there are all the major franchises out there that many people typically run to, but hey, step outside of the box, try the best pizza in Michigan, you won’t be disappointed.

A Little History

Green Lantern Pizza has been doing pizza the right way for over 55 years. This family-owned business has found a way to fulfill all the desires of pizza lovers.
Scratching your head about the name? Well, here is an interesting fact. The name actually came from the finding of a green lantern that was hanging on an old farmhouse that was bought by the owners Thomas and Irene Vettraino.

What many do not realize is the green lantern was a symbol of history. During a time when prohibition made it difficult for many to find a drink, establishments would hang a green lantern outside so that individuals knew they could purchase alcohol. It is so important that parts of our overall history is remembered and even though this was a time that was tough for many it is good to see that history continues on in many ways around us.

With this symbol, the name Green Lantern Pizza was born. And to perfection and fun, the family came up with a great way to share one of the most popular foods around.


Currently, in Michigan, there are 6 locations that you can visit for Green Lantern Pizza. Unsure which location is close to you, check out their website at http://www.greenlanternpizza.com

Don’t have time to visit one of the stores, that’s okay, they deliver. They even have easy online ordering as well even for Pizza Delivery in Troy Michigan. There aren’t many places that will go out of their way to make sure their customers can get the best pizza around.

It is a good idea to check the different locations to verify which one can do Pizza Delivery in Troy michigan.

Don’t hesitate to call, the friendly staff will be happy to help you to determine which location can do Pizza Delivery in Troy michigan.

The Menu

The site will show you all of the goodies available at Green Lantern Pizza to include sandwiches,

You can choose to build your own pizza or try one of the many specialty pizzas that they offer. Not sure which one to try, why not go for the Everything Pizza. The perfect mix of this and that.

With the growing concern of health. There are many people that can not handle gluten. Green Lantern Pizza can still help you enjoy one of their delicious pizzas. They offer a 10″ gluten free pizza. So if you want that pizza go for it, because you can enjoy it just like everyone else!

Okay, okay, so we all have to admit it sometimes we don’t always want a pizza or are at work on lunch and know we can’t eat an entire pizza on our own. Well, why not try a sandwich instead.

These sandwiches are traditional that you might find in most pizza joints. I bet your mouth starts to water just wondering and thinking about a sandwich from Green Lantern Pizza.

One sandwich, in particular, that will make your mouth water, The Green Lantern Reuben. Stacked with the traditional corned beef, swiss cheese, thousand island dressing and their own creation the GLP Slaw. Cutting calories, why not have it made with turkey instead. YUM!

Looking for something a little more simple, they also offer a stacked ham or stacked turkey sandwich as well.

Feeling hungrier than that, well how about a submarine sandwich instead, yep, that’s right you can get a sub. How about a traditional Italian Sub or go bigger with double meat and cheese to really feel that hungry belly up.

Oh sigh, still wanting to stay even healthier. Many of us try to but it is hard, well, why not try one of the many salads that are offered. You can still get a smile on your face knowing that you ordered from Green Lantern Pizza and let your co-workers know that you can still get something healthy.

Got a big crowd to please, maybe having a football party, plan ahead a bit, don’t just order pizza, throw in some of the appetizers that Green Lantern Pizza offers as well. This will make the entire crowd at your home get happy and give you a big pat on the back for getting the best pizza in Michigan!

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