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Who doesn’t love traveling to less explored places and to a place where all you can see around are swaying trees, lakes or waterfalls with birds chirping and animals too enjoying their time. Thinking about such a place only makes us feel excited and beautiful then think what it will be like when you will actually visit that place. Because of Eco-friendly tourism in India which is the newest concept, we are lucky to be a part of nature in a new and friendlier way yet enjoying it to the fullest.


One cannot entirely explain in words what it means to visit this place and at the end, they will ask you only to visit the place yourself for the actual and unforgettable experience. The idea of ecotourism arose when there was a great need for conservation of both wildlife and environment and who knew that this idea will become so famous that more people from all around the world will be visiting our country and while being a part of nature, they will too feel their responsibility towards it.


Travelling has always been fun but now people are more aware of the fact that fun can also be done while taking care of the environment and causing no harm to wildlife and their habitat in any way. We all are in this together and because of this awareness, these natural places are counted in the best wildlife tours in India. Instead of discussing the beauty of our country and wanting to visit each and every place, let’s see what all destinations are great for an eco-tour.


The most famous and most loved destination right now in India is Backwaters in Kerela and this place is being visited by people from all around the world. This place has its own magic that one can only experience there. The peace, the sound of the riving flowing with greenery. This place is like a spot of serenity in the hustle-bustle of the world. Here, your all-time wish of being on a cruise at a beautiful place will also come true as there are houseboats in which while living, you can also enjoy the scenery all the time.


Kerela is known for eco-friendly tourism in India and yet another exciting place here is Munnar whose essence precedes its introduction. All that you can see here are trees spread all over with the aromatic smell from tea and coffee plantations. This is the best place for one who wants to be away from city life which is always on the go and have a time of their lives. Not only you can enjoy the beauty of this place but you can also explore the rich fauna which includes animals like Giant squirrel, Nilgiri wood pigeon, elephant and many more. The blooming flowers and the clean environment are a treat to the eyes.


Coorg is one place which is less explored and less known but once anyone reaches this place, they don’t feel like coming back. This place is bliss and will fill you with all the peace and happiness in the world without actually doing anything. This place is famous for bamboo, spice plants, sandalwood, oak and things which are just magnificent. Coorg is a house of many endangered species also and honestly, they can’t get a better environment than this. At such a beautiful place, one can also do exciting activities like hiking, boating, rock climbing and many more, always leaving you with a new experience.


When we think or talk about Goa, the only beaches that come to our mind instantly are Anjuna beach, Sinquerium beach, Arambol and more but most people don’t know about Galgibaga Beach which is the cleanest beach in India and hosts as a place of turtle nesting. One didn’t go a step forward to explore the secluded beaches of Goa. One who doesn’t want to enjoy on a crowded beach can visit this beach and if you are planning to visit Goa in winters then you might get lucky to spot the Olive Ridley Turtles.


When one talks about enjoying the surreal beauty, Andaman is one place which you can look forward too. With clear blue water and white sand beaches, you won’t feel like leaving this place anytime soon. The experience being here is just beautiful in all ways, be it living in small wooden cottages near water or going for scuba diving and snorkelling or just enjoying the sun at the beach. Its a complete package of beauty and adventure and is one of the best eco-friendly places in India.


With so much to do in life, one should definitely take a getaway to the best wildlife tours in India and just enjoy being there. With a fresh environment and frees feeling, you will be able to bounce back even better. Once you are at a beautiful place, there will be no going back and you will actually realize what it likes to be a part of nature.

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