Long Term Care New York

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Life143 is the best long term care insurance company for adult day care, transportation services and meals. We’re committed to provide  long term care in New York.

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Long Term Care

People may need long term care insurance when they have a disability, a health condition that is serious and ongoing and they may not have family or friends to rely on and provide them assistance. Long term care insurance may include services such as adult day care, transportation services and meals. Typically the older you get the more expensive long term insurance costs.


Advanced age, debilitating injuries, and serious illnesses can all lead to circumstances where you can appreciate your long term care insurance. Until you require the services covered by these packages, it can be hard to account for just how many costs your medical needs can generate. This can be a difficult subject to discuss, and one that can be hard for some people to imagine. With our dedicated team of NYC insurance experts, you can learn about policies that can help support meaningful long term care. We can also help you if you are concerned that your age might make it difficult for you to find a helpful policy that is also affordable.

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