How to Maintain Commercial Refrigerators Installation?

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Food businesses need commercial refrigerators to preserve the food items for extended periods. Commercial refrigerators help prevent the spoilage of foods and offer them a long shelf life. However, commercial refrigerators require maintenance for proper working and efficiency.

Any issue in a commercial refrigerator can reduce its cooling and energy efficiency. In case a fridge stops working, it can lead to spoilage of food items and loss of sales. The result may be dissatisfied customers, which means the loss of customers that no business wants.

It is vital to maintain your commercial refrigerators to keep them in proper working condition. Let us check the steps to maintain commercial refrigerators.

Clean the refrigerator

As we clean the refrigerators in our homes, the same applies to business. Food businesses must clean a fridge regularly to keep the foods fresh and proper working of the unit. To clean the interior of a fridge, you should empty the unit and transfer the food items to another refrigerator for some time. Clean the interior with a soap solution, and a cloth or soft brush. A clean refrigerator also protects the food items from harmful bacteria and viruses.

Clean the condenser coil

Manufacturer companies recommend cleaning of condenser coils every 3 months. If the coil is clogged, it can raise the temperature of the cabinet and affect the working of other parts.  Switch off the unit and turn off the power before doing the cleaning of the condenser coil.

Use a brush to clean the dirt, followed by vacuum cleaning to clean the remaining dust. If you use your fridge in the kitchen, you might need a degreaser to clean the oils and grease on the coils. Cleaning the condenser coils regularly can help you to keep your unit maintain the right temperature inside the same.

Contaminated ice in freezers

The ice in a freezer of a refrigerator becomes contaminated if you don’t use it for an extended time. The ice kept for long in a fridge leads to bacteria and viruses that are harmful to customers. It can also lead to a violation of health code. Therefore, you need to clean your freezers and remove any contaminated ice. I

Check the evaporator coil

It is also crucial to clean the evaporator coil as it is the component that absorbs all heat from food items. Clean the evaporator coil and the area around it. Use a stiff-bristled for cleaning the coil.

Air filters

If you have a fridge in the prep area, it will inevitably attract smoke as well as grease. The air filters clog with the dust and oil. You need a vacuum cleaner to remove grease from the filter. Cleaning the air filters regularly helps your refrigerator work efficiently and retain the cold air inside.

Clean the drain pans

The drain tubes and containers enable the water to flow out of the freezing section. They can attract dirt and sludge in large amounts that you must clean.  A clog in the drainage tubes can overflow the defrost system, and it can also make it leak to the floor. You should call a professional to clean the drain tubes.

Cleaning the gaskets

The gaskets are located on the door of a fridge. They attract dust as you open and close the door. Moreover, food spills also make them look greasy, and you need to clean the units. The gaskets also need cleaning at least once a month. You should also examine the gasket for cuts and tears. You can wash them with warm water and soap solution. In case of any cracks or cuts, the entire gasket needs replacement.

General maintenance

Every business should get their refrigerators examined for any possible issues and fix them at the right time. The periodic inspection of a cooling unit must include checking the working of essential parts, oiling the motors, checking the level of coolant and the refrigerant.

In case of worn any parts, you need to replace them immediately for the accurate and efficient functioning of the fridge. A refrigerator should need an inspection every six months to keep it well maintained. Owners must contact professional service like commercial fridge installation Gold Coast to repair their cooling units.

Final Words

These are the tips to maintain commercial refrigerators. As you know them, you can train your staff on how to clean and check the refrigerators. They can perform regular cleaning and contact a professional to fix the problems.

Regular maintenance not only keeps a refrigerator in good working condition but also enhances its energy efficiency and saves on energy bills. Refrigerators in great condition can enable food businesses to serve fresh food to their customers. Happy customers mean high sales and regular profits in your business, that is what every business owner wants.

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