Major Bone Related Injuries Treated At The Best Orthopaedic hospital

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Osteoarthritis is one of the major problems that is affecting the population of India and it is assumed that by the year 2025, India might become the osteoarthritis capital of the world with more than 60 million cases in the country alone. This is just one fact about the state of orthopaedic conditions and shows how the graph of the associated disorders and diseases is constantly rising in the country. According to the Orthopaedic hospital in Jaipur, the injuries that occur within the musculoskeletal system of humans are referred to as the orthopaedic injuries. These injuries are caused in the bones and joints due to unforeseen events like accidents and trauma to the body. According to Orthopaedic doctor in Jaipur, bone and joint injuries that are often caused due to unexpected falls and trauma might require urgent surgery in serious situations to save the bones and joints from further damage. 

Common conditions related to bones and joints that require treatment by the top orthopaedic doctor

Orthopeadic injuries that result in the deformity of bones and joints are primarily caused due to degenerative conditions like fall or collision, arthritis or sudden trauma. Let’s have a look at some of the most widely found problems that affect the functioning of bones and joints. 

Knee Injury: The sudden twists in the muscles and tendons can lead to a knee injury and the muscles and tendons of the adjoining area can be damaged. Further, problems like osteoarthritis can result in difficulty in mobility, swelling, and pain in the affected area. Knee replacement surgery is generally recommended in case the patient is facing extreme difficulties that cannot be treated through medications only. 

Sprain and Strain: Ligaments are the tissues that connect bones to joints. Due to sudden stretching or tearing of muscles, sprains occur that can lead to pain, bruising and swelling in the joints. Moreover, when the muscles and the tendons also experience similar stretching or tearing, the strain occurs which causes redness and pain. The patient can experience difficulty in moving along with muscle spasms. 

Dislocation: It is identified as a condition when a joint is forced out of its position and the swelling may occur at the place where the bone is displaced. The joint dislocation is commonly found in the ankles, jaw, hips, and elbows.  

Rotator cuff injury: The muscles and tendons of the shoulder region play an important role in maintaining the stability and strength of the arm and excessive straining through exercise and lifting heavy weights could break down the tendons over time. This type of condition is termed as rotator cuff injury and orthopaedicians can prescribe a wide variety of treatment options such as cortisone injections, anti-inflammatory medication, electrical stimulation therapy and even surgery in extreme situations. 

Fracture: Although breaking of bone can occur due to several reasons such as sudden trauma but osteoporosis is a major factor responsible for bone fracture due to a significant reduction in bone density. The person who has suffered a fracture might be unable to move the affected limb as the fractured bones cause severe pain, numbness, and redness near the affected regions. 

The Orthopaedic hospital in Jaipur offers specialized treatment to patients for bone injuries after conducting proper diagnosis and examination of the patient’s condition. Moreover, recovery and rehabilitation after the injury are some of the crucial aspects that are considered by the Orthopaedic doctor in Jaipur while providing quality treatment to patients. Thus, patients of different age groups can receive comprehensive care for bone-related problems that enhance their mobility. 

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