Want to increase sales? Use these marketing tools

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A business aims to grow their sales and customer base to expand and grow their business. One of the most essential elements for growing sales and business is marketing. However, marketing is not cheap and it does require hard-word, dedication, and time.

Whether you opt for traditional marketing or digital marketing, both require equal dedication and resources. Both of these platforms have their challenges and benefits. Though marketers are inclined more towards digital marketing as it is more engaging and provides multiple channels, like social media, website, PR search, and so on.

To make your marketing plan bear fruits, you need the help of proper tools, irrespective of the platform. If the choice of tools is not correct, it can dampen the quality of your plan and can lead to negative results.

Therefore, knowing and using the right tools is certainly important, and in this blog, we will discuss some of the finest tools for your marketing needs.

  1. MailChimp

Email marketing is one of the strongest ways to promote a product, engage customers, and retain customers. It is a personalized mail, which if you do in the right manner can bring a lot of difference to your marketing campaign.

MailChimp aids you in building a customer acquiring strategy for your business. It is a powerful tool that looks at customers’ purchase history to recommend a similar product or segment to your customers. It helps boost your sales by a lot because 74% of customers love when they receive a recommendation on similar products.

  1. Canva

The crux of digital marketing is a website, social media, videos, and more. All these require appealing and engaging visuals, which Canva can help you create. Canva is a one in all tool; it works as an image creator and editor. At the same time, you can use this tool to create infographics for your blogs or social media, business card, website icons, and more.

It also has tons of unique templates for all social media, which aids in providing a consistent theme to your content.

With its simple drag and drop interface, it is one tool which is loved by both amateurs and experts alike.

  1. Hotjar

Knowing how people engage with your website is crucial because it helps you improve the user experience and engagement rate. These two things are the major factors in increasing the rank of your website on Google. And Hotjar is one digital marketing tool that can help you get this information.

It is a feedback and analysis tool using heatmaps to understand user engagement while also recording the way people interact with a website. It also surveys people to get immediate feedback which improves the functioning of the website. It has a free trial, but after that, you have to pay.

  1. Blog topic generator

Blogs are a great way to increase the ranking of your website while getting more traffic as well. But finding the right headline is not easy. It is crucial to have an appealing title as it encourages people to click on it. Yet, we often find ourselves stuck. But not anymore!

With Hotspot’s blog topic generator tool, all you need is to write your keywords, and it will generate interesting and eye-grabbing topics/titles for your blog.

  1. LeadPages

Having a landing page that is stunning and compelling enough for people to hit on the subscribe button has never been this easy before. With LeadPages, you can achieve this, and you don’t have to be an expert in coding as well.

It also provides pop-ups which are non-intrusive to encourage sales for your website.

Digital and mobile marketing is thriving and with tools like these, you can offer better results and content. So, make the most of it and keep changing with the time to make your business a success.

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