Mark Hayes Has A Unique Sense of Humor

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Mark Hayes is a comedian with a special talent and ability to cheer audiences. He comes from Cork, Ireland and moved to LA to pursue his comedian career in a sitcom, where he accurately and humorously portrays the life of a person who was almost famous at one point.

In RanDumb: The Adventures of an Irish Guy, Hayes plays himself in an exceptionally entertaining comedy, where he shows how pursuing the dream of being a famous comedian can be fun but is certainly one of the hardest jobs a person can have. He basis this comedic story on a lot of his real-life experiences. When he moved from Cork all the way across the pond to LA looking for riches and plenty of fame, Hayes became part of the same football team as Robbie Williams. It isn’t easy competing on that level for certain. On one level, he had those celebrity friends and contacts, but no sitcom and therefore he wrote a comedy about trying to make it in Hollywood, which is much harder than people assume it is. His latest project involves a comedy short with Al Pacino.

Once he graduated from college, completing his Master’s Degree in E-Business at UCC, he set up an App called PhoneAngel, which allows all of your phone numbers to be saved in a type of electronic cloud, in case you lose your phone. In that situation, you simply text the PhoneAngel App and it would send the user back a text and use spider technology to place all your phone numbers back into your new phone. Bear in mind this was before the modern era of backups.

Hayes has also written blogs about the random dumb things he would do in LA. Then he used this in order make a sitcom, which he knew would win large crowds of audiences. This inspired him to get more involved in doing comedy. He has also worked very hard on a comedy project called Procrasta Nation. In this equally hilarious satire, he jokes about how Ireland is a country of procrastinators, who always take forever and don’t ever get anything done.

There are some funny excerpts from Hayes book RanDumb. In the story A Hippy, A Blood, and A Leprachaun Walk Into A Bar, Hayes drives to the address where a girl, a friend of his is celebrating her birthday. To his surprise though, once Hayes and his other friend arrive in the area where the birthday party is supposedly taking place, they realize to their horror it’s nothing more than gangland where the brutal Bloods control a large amount of territory. While the night is still young, he and his friend go out to the local bar, away from the Bloods territory, and have some drinks. There is another funny scene here, where Hayes finds himself in an awkward situation, after he assumes a woman is thirty-seven years old when in reality she is only twenty-five. Hayes certainly knows how to joke about the right stuff at the right time.

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