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Big Data Tennis pulls from hundreds of thousands of data points to make its highly accurate predictive match modeling available to you. Whether you’re following your favorite tennis professional or just in it for the fun, you can always count on Big Data Tennis to deliver the most accurate up-to-the-hour predictions and results anywhere!

Using hundreds of thousands of data points, Big Data Tennis provides the highest accuracy rate of tennis match and tournament predictions on the planet.

Day 5 is OUT, Day 6 tennis predictions and picks for the ATP Cup, here we GO!!!
We did OK with our predictions yesterday. Biggest miss (again) was calling Isner over Fognini. No wonder Isner doesn’t like to travel outside the US professionally.

Here’s what we’re seeing:
Popcorn match: Coric over Schwartman (57% confidence)
Most likely win: Metreveli over Roncadelli (85%)
Highest possible upset: Cilic over Pella (57%)
Too close to call!: Hurkacz over Thiem (50.24%)

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Kyrgios + Tsitsipas = Day 5 ATP Cup! Tennis predictions and picks, DFS fantasy

Lordy Lordy we crushed Day 4 didn’t we?! Our tennis predictions and picks got ALL but one right in the ATP Cup.

Let’s move on to today/tonight, Day 5. Roll it.
Popcorn match: Shapovalov over Zverev (52% confidence)
Highest confidence to win: Norrie over Cozbinov (83%)
Most likely upset: Isner over Fognini (64%)
Way too close to call: Ruud over Medvedev (51%)

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