Michael Telvi : Merits of Direct Mail Marketing

Michael Telvi : Merits of Direct Mail Marketing

The use of direct mail as a way to market, promote and advertise business and brands started many decades ago. Its usage, however, waned as the world got developed and embrace the efficient digital marketing methods that come as a part of the multi-faceted information communication technology innovations. However, through the works and results gotten from projects done for companies, agencies, parastatals, and organization where Michael Telvi used the neglected and abandoned direct mail to generate sales and boost revenue, it is now known to all marketer and sales executive that the method still has a good amount of merit for this present age.

Direct mail marketing offers many more merits than we thought and for many marketers who still doubt its efficacy in helping businesses get a considerable amount of branding and sales, the merits of direct mail well explained below should clear their doubts.

  1. Best for Aged

Digital marketing has been so magnificent in targeting every known age of humans in every region of the world but facts show that most aged people of 65 years and above do not really spend time on a smartphone if they have one but are persuaded better by direct mail marketing. The aged loves the direct mail and through this, any business that needs this category of people will find great benefits using direct mail.

  1. Valued and Honored

The use of direct mail marketing provides some things that are not found with the common digital marketing strategies of today. We have lesser mails now and for anyone to receive mails, such a person will feel honored. This confers a kind of value on the person and he/she gets to see the mail immediately. This helps marketing and is an important merit that every sales executive must note.

  1. High Concentration 

It has been reported that people get less distracted when reading a direct mail than reading electronic mails from smartphones and personal computers. Attention and concentration is needed by the readers to take actions that will lead to sales and that’s what direct mail offers. This also is big merit and must be explored for marketing.

Mike Telvi understood all these as a sales executive at United Envelop printing and manufacturing company and with the knowledge, he had his name on top of marketers that are sought after for advice and marketing gigs. Direct mail marketing is loaded with these merits and using it with powerful digital marketing is not a bad idea.

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