Mistakes you commonly make with Your Food

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Whether you have just started cooking or you have been doing it for years, here are some common mistakes that you may be making in the kitchen.

Testing the food expiration by tasting:

One of the most common mistakes people make in is that they always tend to taste food to check if it is spoiled or not. If there is even a little chance that the food has gone bad you should not put it in your mouth. The bacteria that cause food poisoning can be in the food that you taste and they do not produce any odor or bad taste. Make sure that you label the food with storage date before putting it in the catering freezer so you know it’s too old by just looking at the date. If even a tiny bit of contaminated food gets in your stomach it can result in serious illness.

Using the contaminated plates:

Never put the cooked food on a plate that has been used for raw meat.  

If you have used a plate or dish to keep the raw meat, you should immediately put it in the sink so that you do not put cooked food on it, even by mistake. It may seem like a small error but it can lead to food contamination which can cause stomach problems as it can allow harmful bacteria to enter the cooked food and spoiling it. The food pathogens present in raw meat can spread easily and cause food poisoning. Make sure that you have separate plates for raw and cooked meat. You should even store them on different shelves or in catering fridges. The cutting boards should also be separate to avoid any food chance of food contamination. Always keep seafood, poultry, vegetables, and raw meats separately.

Using counters to thaw the food:

You should not use the counters to thaw the food because it can result in foodborne diseases. The counters are used for the preparation of the food so they should be completely clean. When the food is thawing it is in the danger zone because at the room temperature the food pathogens multiply at a faster rate. The food should be thawed in the refrigerator, cold water or the microwave or any other surface that is not used for food preparation.

Eating food with raw eggs:

Eating raw eggs is not a good idea because they contain harmful bacteria. People often eat the raw cookie dough which contains raw eggs. You should avoid eating raw dough and only eat the eggs that are properly cooked because the bacteria in raw eggs can get you sick.

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