Mistakes To Avoid In Naming Ceremony

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Naming Ceremony is not just a ceremony however it’s a way of saying,” Welcome to the world”. We are happy to have you amongst us. In another way,  we can say that the naming ceremony is all about giving the identity to the newborn. Family members, relatives & all the invitees are excited to bless the baby. During the ceremony due to excitement many people do small mistakes, it’s important to avoid those mistakes. Here is the list of the mistakes than happened unknowingly.

1. Decoration

The decoration is very important with which we can’t do mistakes as decoration is the first thing all the guests will see while entering the ceremony. Decoration idea for the naming ceremony has to be so effective that all guests get the best view of the decoration. Use the fresh flowers & best lighting systems so that both look great together. We say the first impression is the last impression, so the first impression has to be eye-catching.

2. Food

Maybe people don’t remember how the ceremony was but they always remember the taste of the food. Good foods play a very important role in the success of any kind of event & ceremony. Avoid the many dishes as it will get waste & people may not eat each & every dish keep the food section short & simple means limited items & taste must be up to the mark. Good food is one of the most important parts of the ceremony.

3. Attend All the Guests

All guests are equally important, never miss to attend the guest personally as a guest makes the event more successful. In India, we follow “Guest is like a God”.  Attending the guest makes you the best host ever & guest also feels the importance of their presence.  Guests should not feel unattended as they came to the ceremony to bless the baby. While attending the guest we have to make a better balance between the guest & the relatives as both are equally important for the ceremony.

4.Book the Pandit

Pandit is the person who can tell the best alphabet for the name of the newborn & plays an important role in the naming ceremony. As per Indian tradition, Pandit makes the Janam Patrika for the baby & gives the best option for the name. Booking the Pandit well in advance will make the naming ceremony smooth. Pandit will tell us the auspicious day & time for the naming ceremony.


Naming A ceremony is an event where we welcome & give the identity to the new addition in the family. While doing this ceremony we have to take care of many things & decoration ideas for the naming ceremony has to be discussed with every family member. Food, Guest & blessing makes the event more memorable. Whenever planning for the naming ceremony always avoids small mistakes.

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