Discover the Highlights of the Independence National Historic Park, Philadelphia

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Philadelphia is a city of immense historical significance. It’s been the site of important events in American history and is home to many ancient landmarks which are symbolic to America, most of which are set in the Independence National Historical Park. This iconic park is considered as the birthplace of American democracy with a series of preserved sites related to the country’s revolution. The park plays host to over 4 million visitors each year. Brightsun Travel offers cheap flights to Philadelphia, taking you to the centre of this historic city. We’ve put together a useful and inspirational visitor’s guide to the best sites of interest at the Independence National Historical Park which take you back in time to key periods of American history.

Independence Hall

Independence Hall is where the American Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were both signed and is perhaps the most important attraction in the park. This must-see UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to the chair that George Washington used during the Constitutional Convention, as well as the actual inkstand that was used to sign the Declaration. During the peak months of March to December you’ll need a ticket for entry to Independence Hall, but tickets aren’t required in January & February.

Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell is another major point of interest at the Independence National Historic Park which is home to the internationally famous symbol of freedom – the Liberty Bell, which is displayed in a spectacular glass chamber. The monument plays an interesting history video about this symbolic bell and is home to exhibits, documents and images which educate visitors. There’s also an x-ray providing an inside view of the inner-workings of Liberty Bell. No tickets are required to enter this attraction but queues can be long during peak times.

Benjamin Franklin Museum

This contemporary museum space is dedicated to one of the founding fathers of the US Benjamin Franklin, introducing visitors to the life and legacy of this important historic figure and his personal traits. Personal artefacts of Franklin are displayed here, plus exhibits, videos and interactive displays. Directly outside the Benjamin Franklin Museum is a steel structure called the ghost house, which outlines the spot where the house of Franklin once stood. Tickets for this museum can be purchased at the door; it’s $5.00 for adults and $2.00 for children.

Museum of the American Revolution

This world-class museum allows visitors an insight into Philadelphia’s key role in the American Revolution. There’s an extensive collection of artefacts, documents and artworks from this period in American history and from the Revolutionary War itself, including weaponry and personal diaries. A highlight of the Museum of the American Revolution is Washington’s Headquarters Tent – the original sleeping and working tent of George Washington. Guided tours are available of the museum and a purchasable ticket is required for entrance which can be booked online.

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