New Dimensions- Giving your Walls the Branding they deserve.

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We at New Dimensions are bringing to you for the first time environmental wall branding and thematic walls for your homes. Offering you a range of customizations to choose from with different types of wall designs that will match your taste. Ranging from walls for children’s rooms that are funky and colorful in designs to bedroom designs that are modern yet elegant and even designs for pooja room where your walls will be adorned with Shiv Ji and Hanuman Ji and also living room designs that will blow your mind with their grunge and aesthetic look. We also offer pattern designs for people who just want to brighten their walls up and the Vaastu series will fill your home with a positive spirit and our 3D walls that will give your walls a bit of style and personality. Our ceiling designs are from the skyline series will give your ceilings a look of open sky and a feeling of open space even in congested rooms. We also offer Royal series that will give your home theme of ancient Greece and Rome. Our thriller series that is perfect for young bachelors to give their rooms a weird yet artistic look. Our art series has some of the most beautiful paintings that you will ever see. Made with love and passion by our artists with every painting telling its own story. Each design has a timeless look to it.

We also are offering beautiful wall designs with the wedding theme to them for the upcoming wedding seasons to give that special moment in your lives a beautiful backdrop.

Our wall designs are textured and feel good to touch.

Every wall design we offer is designed by our in-house artists. Our wallpapers and wall designs are eco-friendly and also fire resistant. We are located in Delhi/NCR region and have already given 1000+ walls the beauty treatment they deserve. Our wall designs are made with passion and contain a piece of those moments we spent designing it, all those hours waking and arguing with each other. That’s what’s different about us. We also offer advice on our blog in case you want to check out our curated lists or need any suggestions. Some of the walls designs we have are so awe-inspiring that your guests will be captivated just by looking at them. They are going to be a great conversation starter at those house parties. Our modern yet classy designs are so unique that there won’t be two of the same kind. So your wall will be completely distinctive and unique.

Our wallpapers are made with very long-lasting materials that help in making them last longer and they’re also self-adhesive so even you can put them on your walls without any professional help required. And those pesky air bubbles that come out due to air getting trapped, that won’t be happening with our wallpapers.

We’ve already taken care of that in our manufacturing process. Ours is a small in-house production where from the conception of the design to the manufacturing of the product all of it happens right at our workshop. We also provide a 2-year warranty on all our wall designs for your peace of mind.

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