Not To Be Missed Out Activities in Rosarito, Mexico

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If you want to enjoy the beachside and delicious food, ditch all your other plans as we have the perfect recommendation. Rosarito, the resort town, located in the Northern Baja California. The place is easily approachable for inhabitants of Los Angeles and San Diego. 

You can either drive on the road to reach Rosarito or can also take Mexico Cruise From Long Beach. For all those who are keen to visit Rosarito on any of the weekend, you must know that there are plenty of things to do in Rosarito Mexico. You can chill out with your pals in many different ways.

Here is a list to begin with:Mexico Cruise From Long Beach. Mexico Cruise From Long Beach. Mexico Cruise From Long Beach. 

Chil at Playas De Rosarito

If you miss this out on your trip, then you have traveled in vain. This place is a must-visit. Playas De Rosarito is full of scenic beauty. Swim, stroll or get tanned, you have many options. You will certainly fall in love with this beach. 

Taco Lover? Munch on the most delicious tacos in town

If you are a food lover and your tummy calls for something delicious and filling, head to Tacos El Yaqui. The tacos will not only look unique or appealing but will undoubtedly satisfy your craving for a taco. Yummy and stuffy, a big thumbs up for the tacos. 

Take a look at the art studio

One of the important things to do in Rosarito Mexico is to glance at the stunning Ugi Fine Art Studio. The splendid studio is located outside the Rosarito Beach Hotel. The artistic corner has mesmerizing pieces of artwork. You can buy a few astounding pieces for your home!

Time for horse riding

If you are in no mood to bask in the sun on Rosarito beach, you can go for a horse ride and have some fun. Yeah, you heard it right, horse riding. Just take a stroll to the boardwalk from the beach, and you will find several horses lined up. They are happily waiting for travelers to mount on them. 

Ride ATVs on the beach

If horse riding is not your thing, ditch it and try riding ATVs on the beach. Yeah buddy, you can ride ATVs on the beach of Rosarito. But yeah, you gotta pay for the ride. They charge 20 US Dollars per ride for 30 mins. Believe us, the experience is definitely worth it.

Dine at El Nido

El Nido is one of the best restaurants in town. The interior of the restaurant is terrific while the lights add to the beauty of the food spot. The interior is given a look and vibe of a forest and is just splendid. With mouth-watering dishes on the menu and hospitable nature of the staff, you would just love the place. 

Visit colorful shops of Blvd Benito Jaurez

Being a shopping freak, you must visit the shop at Blvd Benito Jaurez. Apart from bright colors in the shop, there are plenty of things to explore from jewelry to clothing. You will surely find some souvenirs for your family back at home.

Devour’s appetizing pancakes

Another thing that you must do at Rosarito is to taste delectable pancakes at The Pancake Republic. Apart from the taste of pancakes in the restaurant, you would just fall for its ‘full of life and colors’ ambiance. The restaurant is located just a few steps away from Rosarito Beach Hotel. 

So these were a few brilliant ideas to enjoy your time in Rosarito. So wait no more, call your friends, book your tickets and start packing your bags.

A splendid vacation is waiting for you.

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