5 Reasons To Optimize Law Firm Google My Business Listing

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Are you an attorney who is interested in digitally promoting your practice? Then have you created your law firm Google My Business listing or not? If yes, then has it been optimized properly? Google My Business is a free, internet-based service started by the search engine giant for enterprises. Business owners can create and manage their listings on the service which will appear in relevant searches. It allows businesses with a physical location to build a strong online presence and get in front of relevant audiences. It has become an integral part of online marketing for law firms. Attorneys get the majority of their clients from the geographical location where they are based. This makes the listing service a key ally in their digital marketing efforts. However, merely creating a profile is not enough and you need to optimize it to exploit the service’s full potential. The following reasons necessitate why it is important for you to create an optimized listing for your firm on Google My Business (GMB).

1. Improves Chance To Appear In Local 3-pack

Optimizing the GMB gives you chance to corner some valuable digital real estate on SERPs. Conduct a search related to your practice area. For instance, we did a search for “divorce lawyer in NYC”. Now, take a look at the screenshot of our search:

The first two results are paid adverts followed by the local 3-pack. Searchers have to scroll through these items before reaching the organic results. The 3-pack features the 3 most appropriate results along with their map locations. An optimized listing improves the chance of your agency appearing in this section and catching the attention of potential clients.

2. Makes It Easy For Clients To Locate The Firm

Consistent NAP (name, address, phone number) is the cornerstone of an effective listings strategy. Make sure that these vital details are the same across all digital platforms like own website, social media accounts, etc. Moreover, you must also mention your working hours and off days. This will help Google in establishing your exact identification, location, and contact details. It will also make it easy for your target audience to get in touch with your office. Nowadays, most of the searches are originating from mobile devices and their users are more likely to convert than traditional desktop users. This makes having an optimized law firm Google My Business listing all the more important.

3. Provides A Chance For Instant Client Interaction

As mentioned earlier, the majority of searches are being conducted from mobile devices. Let’s say a mobile user searches for your business on her smartphone. Now, the result will display your listing with the NAP information, map location, and a clickable “Call” button. The user can immediately get in touch with you in a single click. The listing removes barriers between your firm and a potential client. Users do not ahve to click a search result, then visit your website to be able to contact you. This can have a significant impact on your client intake figures.

4. Gain Valuable Insights Into Your Audience

The service will help you gain valuable insight into your audience. It will help you access some helpful statistics about the people who searched for and viewed your listing. You can learn about the terms used by the visitors while conducting the search. You can also know the location from where the searches originated. You will also get to know the total number of people searching for your firm and the number of recent page views as well. All this data can be used to understand what kind of people are interested in your services. This will help in aligning your marketing startegy according to their requirements.

5. Provides A Chance To Get Positive Reviews

Client feedback plays an important role in boosting conversion for law firm websites. People like to check online ratings and reviews while making up their mind about hiring an attorney. Lawyers routinely ask their past and existing clients to provide reviews on various online platforms. With your business listing showing up easily in a related search, they will find it easy to leave positive feedback. This, in turn, will influence other people who see the reviews in making a decision in favor of your firm.


Attorneys must make take the necessary steps to create an optimized law firm Google My Business listing. This will have a positive impact on their online visibility and boost their conversion rate.

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