Palolem Beach- Best Goa Tour Packages For Family

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Palolem Beach is a beautiful beach. Palolem beach is situated in the southern Goa. It is about 38 km from Madgaon, which is Known as the white sand paradise. This beach is an ideal place for goa tourists who seek peace. On the beach, you can have fun, relax and enjoy other activities along the far-flung beach. Palolem Beach is known for parties and entertainment. Palolem beach soon gained popularity due to its serene beauty and almost white sand. Lots of goa tourist came here to see blue water waves.

Nightlife At Palolem Beach For Goa Tourist:-

Dancing At Palolem Beach is a different experience in itself and goa tourist can have a dance party here late at night. This place is not only full of colors and light, but the attraction here is worth visiting during the night and it is also known for ‘silent noise parties’. Here you can dance on your favourite music by using your headphone in ears. The night view on beach with blue water waves, the sea lehra, the enchanting air, give you a beautiful experience. you can enjoy the silent party every Saturday night between 9 pm and 4 am on the Palolem coast towards Neptune Point. you have to pay for this party around Rs500 per person.

Things To Do In Palolem Beach:-

There are many activies to do on Palolem beach of Goa.Tourists who came here do not hesitate to enjoy these activities. Through this beach, it becomes easy to discover the activities around it.If you are planing a tour for Palolem beach of Goa,then do not forget to enjoy these  activities. If you want to celebrate yout holidays with blue water waves then walmarttravels providing Best Goa Tour Packages For Family and also we have Premium Travel packages.

Swimming At Palolem Beach For Goa Tourists:-

If you love to swimming in sea water waves ,then Palolem beach is very amazine beach for you because the middle end is very good for it. An average swimmer can also enjoy swimming here easily, but you can’t Go too deep in it because the strong waves of the sea can be harmful to you.

Boats Riding On Palolem Beach For Goa Tourist:-

Here the water of Palolem beach is quite calm and cool. You can enjoy in the sea waves when riding on the boats. Apart from this, you can also visit here in search of people related to the beach. You can take a boat riding in the morning and go to search of the calm sea. The fee for boat riding is 300 per hour.

Nearby Attractions In Palolem Beach:-

Apart from boating, walking and dancing near Palolem beach, the attraction around it is very beautiful for Goa tourist. The best places around the sea are St. Tereja of Jesus, Sri Datta Guru Temple, Pantam Beach and Pandava Drums attract Goa tourists. These are the beautiful places which attract Goa tourists.


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