What is a Pashmina Shawl & How to Wear It in Style?

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Pashmina shawls are fine wool shawls. They are delicate and beautiful. A real Pashmina shawl is as soft as it can pass through an engagement ring. Gifting the shawl shows your love, affection, and gratitude for dear ones. These shawls had been the pride of kings of India for a long time. Now, a real Pashmina shawl is used as a treasure that people like to gift from one generation to the other.

Key Features of Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina shawls have been originated in Kashmir, India. The wool of the shawl is obtained from specific goats found at an altitude of over 4000 in the Himalayan region. The inner soft hair of the goat is used to create beautiful Pashmina shawls. The Pashmina wool has 10-16 microns. It is too soft to touch. The wool is obtained during a particular season instead of the entire year.

The process of converting Pashmina wool into a shawl is tricky. Since the fiber is too thin, spinning is difficult. After spinning, it goes for dying. Natural dye is used to give pashmina different colours to make beautiful shawls. A handloom machine is used to convert Pashmina into a shawl. For the identification of real Pashmina shawls, one can perform a burning test, ring test and rub test. Carefully go through the weaving structure of the shawl. If you notice uneven structure, it shows its purity. Handloom produces the uneven structure of weaving.

While purchasing Pashmina shawl online, make sure the site has an easy return policy. Pashmina shawls are an expensive item. If you have any doubt related to the quality of the fabric, you can claim for return. Buy the product from a reputed online store to get an assurance of quality.

Wearing Pashmina Shawls in Style

There are different ways to style yourself with a Pashmina shawl. According to your dress, you can wear the shawl in different styles.

The most popular style is simply draping it to your neck one time and let the edges hang in the front of your body. The classy style will effortlessly make your beautiful. It will protect your neck from cold wind. The style can go well with one dress and jeans or trouser. It will accentuate your style.

Wrap the shawl twice around your neck and leave it fairly loose. Tie a knot at the edges of the shawl. The stylish look will cover your neck as well as your upper front body. The type of style can be worn along with a long jacket. It will give a twist to your style.

One more brilliant style is to spread out the shawl fully and lay it across your front and have the ends drape across your back. Wear the style with your jeans or one dress.

Cover your upper body from the left side to the right upper front and then take it to the left side from where you have started wrapping. It will wrap your upper body entirely. Keep the edges loose to form a cowl neck at the front. The style will protect your body from cold wind and make you stylish.


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