Find The Perfect Personalized Baby Ornament at Wendell August Forge

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For those special moments in life, the standard in gift-giving simply won’t do. For our loved ones and dear friends, for special moments that come only once, like marriage, buying a first house, or having a baby, we strive for irreplaceable and personalized gifts to cement the memory of the occasion. An occasion as special in all of our lives as parents and family members, the birth of a child is one of the most hallowed moments we experience all our lives through. For times such as these, a gift like a personalized baby ornament, which will never become ‘old,’ and will, in fact, become more sacred as the years pass, is a fitting commemorative piece. When you’re looking for something like a Personalized Baby Ornament to consecrate and memorialize the date, there are options aplenty, but only one Wendell August Forge.

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Wendell August Forge, America’s oldest and largest operational forge, knows a thing or two about aesthetics, quality, and the careful and tasteful marriage of the two. Since 1927, the smiths at Wendell August Forge have been creating special works of art and gifts that have since acquired a reputation not only for their mentioned aesthetics and quality but for their uniqueness. Each piece that leaves the forge has been crafted by hand, from the first stages as raw material to the engraving and polishing that completes the personalization of a finished piece. That’s not even to mention the fact that, since each object is fully handmade, there is an aspect of personalization inherent to each gift, being effectively made to order. Additionally, the handmade nature of the gifts means that the quality control process is a continuous one instead of several stages. Anything that is made by hand has the practiced and scrutinous eyes of the maker fixed upon its every corner from start to finish. That’s how terms like “handmade” and “made by hand” have come to garner such prestige in our time. Such things are rare, unique and of incomparable quality.

That takes us back to the search for a personalized baby ornament that will fit the occasion. Wendell August Forge offers hand wrought ornaments in pewter, copper, and aluminum in a wide array of motifs fitting a child. Pieces like their baby’s first rattle, zoo balloon ornaments and baby’s first Christmas ornaments couple attractive design with your ability to inscribe a name or a date to finish off the package. There are faith-inspired pieces such as a lamb with the invocation “bless this child” and ornaments embossed with an image of the ark. You’ll also find timeless classics like the child’s rocking horse ornament and a special delivery featuring a stork. Whatever your tastes or the tastes of the parents are, you can be sure you’ll be giving a gift that will be highly esteemed and foster lasting memories, a piece that can be kept for life and be handed down in generations to come. A piece that will adorn the Christmas trees of this generation and become an heirloom to the Christmas trees of the next.

Perhaps the best thing about the gifts from Wendell August Forge, besides their exquisite beauty, is the fact that the lasting quality imbued to them during their forging makes them uniquely situated to last a lifetime. So many of the gifts we give and receive today either have built-in obsolescence or are of less than superior quality. With the gifts from Wendell August Forge, you can be sure that the gifts you give are as they were always meant to be, made by hand and meant to last. Head to and find that special gift that will be cherished for life.

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