Find the Perfect Personalized Wedding Ornament at Wendell August Forge

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You want to give a personal, personalized gift to the special couple on their special day, something a little extra in addition to all those housewares on the registry. That’s not only understandable but considerate since the couple will be so flooded with gifts like money and the wares on their register that were probably even expecting anyway that something extra will seem like the real gift. The thing is, it can be very hard to find a place that sells actual personalized gifts that are of decent quality, let alone a quality that great, great-grandchildren will be the heirs to hande someday. However, that’s exactly the kind of quality and craftsmanship you’ll get if you come to Wendell August Forge to find the right personalized wedding ornament.

Very unlike the screen printed, and worse, mass-produced plastic and resins ‘mementos’ of the vast ocean of competition, the gifts at Wendell August Forge are handmade – exclusively handmade, in a shop, very much the same way they have been for coming up on a hundred years. So when you need a special Personalized Wedding Ornament to immortalize the memory of a very special occasion, you visit Wendell August Forge for their second-to-none offering of personalized, handmade gifts in semi-precious metals and other media.

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Wendell August Forge offers a handsome selection of engagement ornaments in copper, bronze and more to which you can add personal touches like names and dates to make them unique to the special couple. An excellent example of the quality and stylistic appeal you will find at Wendell August Forge is their ‘Personalized With This Ring Wedding Ornament.’ Carefully forged in bronze and etched by hand, this ornament features the likenesses of two rings and the names of your choice. Handmade in solid bronze is a definite mark of quality and one that will last through generations, becoming a memento over time.

Another fine example of the excellence you will encounter at Wendell August Forge is their ‘Love Is A Fairytale’ Signature Wedding Ornament, handwrought and etched in aluminum and attractively decorated by the ageless motif of a wedding carriage. You will however also encounter classics like their highly acclaimed Wedding Cake Ornament, also hand wrought and adorned with Swarovski crystals. It can be personalized with a name or date to make it even more unique.

In addition to these personalized wedding ornaments, Wendell August Forge offers many other personalized ornaments and gifts for the wedding and occasions like the couples first Christmas. Among the beautiful pieces at Wendell August Forge are decorative and commemorative plates, engraved trays and coasters, as well as frames and other keepsakes.

Though the search for a gift as specific and special as a personalized wedding ornament can seem daunting, it doesn’t need to be. The gifts at Wendell August Forge are, without exception, carefully handmade and hand-decorated, guaranteeing not only the quality of their finish but of their design and appeal. There are few things in this world with the staying power and longevity of a hand-wrought and finished piece of metal, and the gifts at Wendell August Forge are a dedication to this concept: that their gifts be able to stand the test of time and to immortalize the moments that they represent.

Giving a personalized gift from Wendell August Forge is giving a gift that will not only be remembered for its charm and thoughtfulness but also remembered because it will be a living memory, aging into an heirloom that can be handed down. Some things never lose their luster, and the handmade gifts from Wendell August Forge are some of these, so for a personalized wedding gift that will stand the test of time, head to

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