Planning A Move: Five Things Your Movers Will Not Load

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Let’s face it. Nobody wants to get out of its comfort zone and leave the city that he has always loved, however, sometimes, moving becomes mandatory. Whether you are one of those who hate relocation or included in the list of believers and doers who can make any place their home, moving is a bit stressful experience. Even the research shows that for some people moving is more stressful than having divorced. From changing the current address of your home to getting your furniture assembled in the new place- everything makes you feel so overwhelming.

You might be thinking that your professional movers will move anything and everything, if yes, think twice because the situation is usually quite the different. When you are a big-time ready to move your things and your chosen moving company suddenly refuses to cooperate, the whole moving process seems more like a headache. If you are moving out in Conroe TX and planning to hire a professional moving company, this post is for you. Read this article to figure out what your movers will refuse to load.

Plants & Flowers

If you are planning a long-distance move, your plants and flowers are one of those things that your professional moving company will immediately refuse to move with them. These are included in the prohibited list of items because there are a number of states which have their own set of rules and regulations when it comes to planting. Moving companies usually shy from keeping your plants because they do not want to get inspected for too long.

Your Furry Friends

Yes, your pets are on the prohibited list too. You may need to ask for a special permit if you want to move your cats too along with your furniture and other stuff. It is a responsible move on the behalf of moving companies because moving them in a van is not difficult for the movers but it is also harmful to the pet too. Even if you have a pet snake, it is not recommended to move it along with the moving truck.

Hazardous Chemicals

You must avoid packing items that are inflammable. Almost all the professional moving companies have the policy not to load hazardous materials like gasoline and propane tanks in their moving truck. So, when you are packing your home articles, make sure to discard them properly and not to pack any of such items for your new home. The best situation is to use such materials or give them away before your moving day approaches.

Your Valuables & Cash

Nobody wants to take the responsibility of keeping your money safe and sound. You are the only person who can take care of it. It would be best to keep all your money in your bank account. However, if you have expensive jewelry, heirlooms or antiques, make sure that you keep them in your personal bag. Most of the moving companies will straight away refuse to keep such items with them, neither you should trust anyone unless the company you are hiring is insured. This is the reason, when you look for the “best movers near me in Conroe TX,” do not ever think of hiring a company that is not insured.


Perishable Food

Your frozen and refrigerated food items come under the category of perishable food. As soon as you take them out of the fridge, these items start rotting. Your movers will ask you not to load such things on the moving truck, especially if it is a long-distance move. The ideal strategy is to use everything before moving or send them a gift to your friends and neighbors.


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