6 Master Devices on Which Plex G Drive Media Server Can be Used

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Suppose you are recently in love with a list of songs and a few movies. Do you really love to search for them whenever you want to listen to them or watch them? We guess you won’t love to search them more than once.

Solution? It’s the Plex media server that gives you the premium solution.

The media server is all about streaming videos online and managing the files in an organized way. Here you not just get the access to watch your videos online but can even make your own playlist and enjoy them later.

In addition to this, the Plex media server even offer a cloud feature to the users. This is what is known as the Plex G Drive. Here you get the accessibility to download your digital files and store them in the cloud.

Trust us, this is an excellent feature offered by the Plex Seedbox.

Some remarkable benefits are like:

  1. It reduces the tension of device space shortage.
  2. Being a cloud feature, it takes care of the security of data to a wide extent.
  3. The files being stored in the cloud are easy to access and do not have any risk of data loss. Even if the device ruins, the data or the files will remain stored intact in the device.

Now the big trouble that often the users face is – on which device this Plex media server connected with Google drive will be appropriate to use?

Any idea? Some say it’s PCs, some find laptops, some asks for mobiles, and so on. Well, don’t just make assumptions. Here we have penned down the list of devices that allows the users to access Plex G Drive.

6 Smart Devices for Plex G Drive Media Server

  1. Laptops: On laptops, Plex media server connected with Google drive can be used. But the problem is, the laptop must not be underpowered, as this will give rise to overheating. It has to be the latest piece. Unless you have that, it is worthless to use Plex on it.
  2. Desktops: Desktop is often recommended for Plex media server. Do you know why? It’s because of the power set up. Even a mid-sized personal computer handle Plex very smartly.The best thing about this desktop is there is no such risk if more than one user is accessing the server at the same time using desktops.
  3. Mini PCs: While looking for devices, mini PCs often get overlooked by the Plex G Drive But trust us, they are quite beneficial in many angles. How?
    If you talk about the benefits, then there are many that will surprise you.
    Low power consumption, reduction in expenses, high frequency, and low noise are some popular advantages that make the device ideal for Plex servers.
  4. Android TV: When it comes to streaming videos through Plex media server, you just can’t ignore Android devices. Especially, the Android TV. These partnered with Plex server gives you access to stream the media contents.
  5. Raspberry Pi: Raspberry Pi devices are again popular for this server, especially due to its advantages and disadvantages. The major drawback is the lack of CPU power while the benefits are numerous.
    One of the remarkable benefits is their portability. Being a portable device along with its cheapest price make the Pi device perfect for the users.
  6. NAS Drives: Are you a remote user? Then NAS Drives are perfect for you. Yes, these devices with its custom variations like Synology, Netgear, QNAP, unRAID, Drobo, Seagate, and so on are perfect for streaming media online.

Which one do you find the best for the Plex G Drive Media Server?

To answer this question, let us ask you something. Are you a regular user of Plex? Do you prefer to do torrenting very often? In that case, we will ask you to choose desktops or personal computers. They are more durable than handy laptops and other devices.

In fact, there are many users who like to use old traditional PCs for their work. Because they know how durable and powerful are the old computers are. No matter how modern the features are, how advanced the tools are, work a day on the old PCs you will never find them worthless. They might not be bold but they are not worthless.

Likewise, Raspberry Pi is convenient for travel enthusiasts and those who want remote access may prefer NAS Drive for a better outcome.

Which one do you prefer for your Plex G Drive? Make sure you choose the best among the 6.

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