Poker – Read People And Make Money

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No, you don’t need to be a ‘Superman’ to read people’s minds on a Poker table!

Poker is a game of strategy and decision making. As per the rules of the game, to win, you need to create the best hand of 5-cards as per the hand ranking rules. But, in reality, you don’t play just your own cards. You also have to keep a close eye on your opponent’s actions too to create and modify your strategies.

Poker is an amazing game that not only gives your brain a great workout but also provides you opportunities to make big profits. You can participate in online real cash games and tournaments to compete against other players and win mind-blowing rewards by reaching the top spot. Poker is available online in Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Hold’em ++, Crazy Pineapple variations at low, mid, and high stake levels around the clock.

Texas holdem poker in India is the most popular poker variant which people love to play. 

Reading people is one of the most important skills that a Poker player must have.

As you need to anticipate how your opponent is going to make his move, you need to observe his behavior and tendencies such as facial expression, body language, hand gestures, tone of voice, etc. You have to find out clues about his hand strength by paying attention to how he reacts which he receives the hole cards. Just the raising of the eyebrow, increased blinking, or sideways glance for a split second unknowingly by the opponent can tell you a lot about his thought process. Also, the way he keeps his chip stack on the table tells which type of player he is. For example – A tight player keeps his chips in order as he plays only a few hands and bluffs rarely. A ‘maniac’ player who plays every other hand usually don’t pay as much attention to keeping his chip stack neat.

Your understanding of human psychology helps you a lot in deciding when to bet and when to fold. You can categorize your opponents and decide the best strategy to implement against them. For example – if someone is trying to be dominant by playing aggressively, he is either holding very good cards or just bluffing. So your decision to play against him or fold must be based on your analysis of his table image, table position, chip stack, and his past playing record.

At an online Poker table, it becomes more difficult. It is not possible to find out how your opponent is reacting to your moves behind the screen. As you cannot discover physical ‘tells’, you have to watch his actions to pick up reads about his playing style and betting pattern. The way he makes his bet, how much he bets, how much time he takes to decide his move are the signs that tell you what type of opponent you are up against. Also, his behavior in the chat box gives off another tell about whether he is a regular or a recreational player.

If you want to become a success Poker player, you have to learn how to make educated guesses about your opponent. The way he opponent behaves on the table tells a lot about his intended actions. Every opponent has a different ‘tell’ (behavior that involuntarily reveals information about the cards or future actions). You can find out when your opponent is on ‘tilt’ by knowing his emotional triggers to take advantage of his confused mental state. The ability to read your opponents helps you determine how to put them into a comfort zone with “call” and “check” and make your move at the right time to catch them off guard.

It is important to keep your eyes, ears, and mind open all the time, regardless of whether you play online or offline. Also, keeping yourself unpredictable for your opponents is equally important to ensure you get the desired results.

If you find yourself skilled in the art of reading people, Poker is the game for you!

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