Reasons to Choose the Android App Development over iOS Based Platform

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You would like to enjoy easy access to your app. It might be related to personal, business and education. Earlier many entrepreneurs like to take mobile app development services related to ios because of its user base size but the time has changed now, the advanced version of android now dominates the market place. Here in this article, you will get to know the benefit of preferring android over iOS.

Android and iOS are two mobile operating systems. As apple restricts permission on a few apps, It is better to go with the android first app development strategy. Info graphics related to both platforms can help you to decide the right base platform to develop the app. As it provides various guidelines and allows you to layout your objectives and find the best reasons for the suitable platform for your business requirement. Moreover, to publish the app on the play store is considered an easier approach by developers instead of publishing it on the apple app store. Qdexi Technology provides an android app development service at a reasonable price. Our experts focus on creating a unique and attractive design for your app with an easy layout for users’ convenience. you can consider us for a better user experience.

Why Choose Android as Priority

  •  A Good Start at Market Place: According to a market survey, there is a large number of android users instead of iPhone users. it is because of the flexibility of the android platform over iOS. The new features and up-gradation of the android system have been implemented to meet the user’s expectations. Androids hold the majority of the markets as a large number of users are the prominent customers of the android based mobile.
  • Substantial Customization– To change or update according to the requirement of the users, Android is more flexible in comparison to iOS. Updating the apps from time to time is necessary for its custom functionality. Moreover, the Android developer considers android to update the app on regular intervals to meet users’ requirements.
  •  Data Storage: The most important reason for choosing the android platform is that it provides 15 GB storage capacity and cross-platform facility. Besides, Google drive can be used to manage and store the data. For data management and its security, large storage s required as it contains customers’ data.
  •  Lenient Google Play Store Policies: Apple has some restrictions related to cross- platforms. On the other hand, Google provides guidelines for publication and rejection of app on play store. In comparison with the iOS platform, Google takes less time for approval of the android app. Even more, Google charges less than an apple for the app launch.

Rapid Iteration– Google takes around two hours on publishing the app on the play store. On the other hand, apple takes more than four-five hours to give final approval. App developers like o prefer developing the app based on the android platform to avoid time consumption as per user requirement.

David Anderson is a developer working with Qdexi Technology from the last four years and contributes its role in building user interface between the product provider and consumers. He has written various blogs and articles to allow entrepreneurs to choose the best service and acquire market knowledge before investing in any kind of project. If you want any service related to web or app development, you can contact him on our official website

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