Top 7 awesome manhwa webtoon in 2019

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In addition to music and movies “weapons,” Korea is also known as a paradise for webwaits of manhwa hentai.  Korean artists Webtoon Manhwa always has new content and unique images than other countries, this is a formidable opponent of Japanese Hentai Manga.


The birth of comic book studios such as Webtoon Naver, Lezhin, Toomics,Free Webtoon Coins,  Daum Webtoon, Spottoon, Manytoon, Tappytoon, Toptoon, … Creates an extremely competitive comic market and is filled with great content from webtoon manhwa hentai  18+, romance webtoon, Action webtoon, Boys love webtoon, Girls Love Webtoon, mature webtoon, Drama, School Life, Historical … With 5000 extremely interesting comic titles.


If you’re tired of Manga Hentai comics and want to try new things, read these 7 super cool webtoon manhwa today.  Who knows, after reading, you have found a new passion of your best friend?  Let’s explore with Manytoon.


  1. Super Secret


Everyone has secrets but not everyone owns a huge secret that life after life does not want to say like Ryan of Super Secret.  Although playing very close to her neighbor Emma, ​​but indeed, it is very difficult for Ryan to reveal to his childhood friend, “I am a wolf”.


But no secret is impossible to reveal.  Emma gradually realized the strangeness in her neighbor’s family.  How will Emma react when she knows everything?  Join the journey to discover secrets with Super Secret.


  1. Save Me



This special series is for Army fans because the main character is 7 guys from BTS.  The story was officially released earlier this year and has received a lot of praise from the webtoon community.


In Save Me, 7 characters study together under the same school but everyone has their own sad story.  Jin is the key to solving everything, able to change the past to save his friends.  Can Jin and the remaining 6 guys escape from suffering?


  1. Sweet Home


Warning: Sweet Home is not sweet at all.  It is best to turn on the light when reading if you are a weak heart but still passionate about exploring.


The story is about a high school boy who had to leave home and earn a living after the family incident.  But life is not as difficult as the terrible, the boy discovered the demons are trying to wipe this earth.  You must become a hero to save humanity before it’s too late.


  1. A Good Day To Be A Dog


Really bad.  The drunken Hana kisses her colleague and is turned into a dog every night.  The only thing that could help her lift the curse was to kiss the other fellow in the form of a dog.  But this is a difficult challenge because the other guy is a genuine dog afraid.  Can Hana lift that strange curse or will she accept the fate of being a dog every night?



  1. Odd Girl Out


The story is about Nari – an ordinary, not famous girl at the school going to high school.  She has 3 friends in high school but all 3 are hot girls in the school garden, causing Nari to be “marginalized” sometimes.


How will teenage girls handle their beautiful friendship?  Can Nari continue to make friends with beautiful, attractive girls?  Let’s follow Odd Girl Out to see results.


  1. Lookism


Daniel Park is a fat, ugly male student who is bullied regularly at school.  Unable to bear with his friends who always criticized and criticized himself further, he insisted on his mother transferring schools in the hope of a easier life in Seoul.


But strange things happened.  A day before starting the new school, Daniel suddenly was blessed with a new body: Tall, big, handsome like an actor or idol.


However, this perfect body only appears in the daytime and at night, the old body does not like to look back.  With two different appearances, Daniel began to realize the cruelty of humans by only focusing on appearance.


  1. Ghost Wife


Forget arranged marriages or compulsive eye-watching because this devil will come to steal your heart if he wants to, no need to follow the dating process.


Liz Kim has caught the eye of the demons.  Most of them wanted to turn her into a delicious dinner but fortunately, there was a guy who fell in love and wanted to make her his wife.  Do not be afraid to see ghosts appear because Manytoon ensures, once you read Ghost Wife, you will actively ship the ghost couple – this lovely person.


The competition between Manga Hentai and Webtoon Manhwa is extremely attractive but makes the comic world more rich. Certainly its development will create famous comics that you cannot forget.

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