Risks Of Using A Public Wi-fi

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If you travel a lot and you use the internet from every other place, then you must know the risk factors attached to it. It’s very convenient that, in the new world, you can avail free internet in every public place. There is no need for you to spend your own money on the internet, but have you ever considered it can be unsafe and all your personal data can be on breach? No, right? Its because most of the people don’t know the tech terms and they don’t understand the deep technicality of the hacking. In this blog, we are going to include some risks that you can face by using free public wi-fi and the precautions to be secure from the risks.

Your Location

This is the easiest thing for a hacker to get. When you use an open Wi-fi, you enter into an open server filled by anonymous people using the internet. This server has no security and everything inside the server is accessible by anyone using the same server by applying certain codes. In Dubai, many offices for rent in Business Bay offer free internet to their clients or the public nearby. They can obtain your private information just over a click. So, don’t consider it a joke. It’s actually real.

Your Media

All your data including social media, pictures, videos, and messages can be accessible to a hacker. It’s not necessary that you always face a hacker at every public Wi-fi, but you never know. If you have a corner of the city which you can think is secured and you trust them, then this is a different case. Most of the tourist Wi-fi spots are at high risk to be hacked. The hackers use the information to collect money by blackmailing in most of the cases.


All your browsing history, your email accounts, and the passwords can be breached. A lot of social media profiles get stolen by these hackers every year. Your phone password will do nothing in this case.


If you ever go to see an apartment for rent in JVC, Downtown, Jumeirah, or anywhere in the world, then don’t forget to look for the security checks. Sometimes, the CCTV cameras that are wireless can be hacked as well. If you are using free public Wi-fi, then don’t use it for too long and don’t keep it connected.

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