Why is Roberto Coin Jewelry admired worldwide?

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Roberto Coin Jewelry as the name suggests came from the jewelry designer, Roberto Coin. It was founded in Vicenza, Italy in 1977 and soon became one of the world’s most renowned brands. Roberto Coin was a unique creative designer and fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a jewelry designer. He lost his parents at a young age. Pursuing his higher education in the hotel trade, he became one of the youngest hoteliers in Europe. Roberto Coin gave the latest designs from vigorous to light; he is known for his unique handcrafted jewelry.

 The Roberto Coin Jewelry

The most important feature that makes the jewellery unique is the ruby stone in it. The Roberto Coin has a small ruby hidden on the inside of each piece. This uniquely designed piece came in 1996, a secret gift to the ladies who wore it, by Roberto Coin. The designer himself said ruby is a “…romantic way to wish the best to all the people wearing my pieces.” This exceptional idea of jewellery came to the designer from a historic book talking about the ruby stone. Ruby stones are said to be magic stone and able to provide excellent health. In ancient times, people even believed a long life is granted to those who keep in contact with their skin.

The Roberto Coin has two signs to prove its originality, Vicenza, Italy hallmark, and the signature ruby. To ensure that the ruby stone doesn’t fall off, only synthetic rubies are used. Roberto Coin Jewelry has made its mark with its innovative and extraordinary jewelry pieces. The pieces of equipment used for making pendants, rings, and other jewelry include 18KT gold. The stunning pieces come in rose gold, diamonds, stones, and various lavish jewelry materials.

Designing and Manufacturing of the Jewelry

The brand guarantees transparent processes in the making of the designs and jewels. The sketchers pass on the designs to the designers, and the model is prepared through the computer system. The renowned designer, Roberto Coin himself is wholly involved in the process of jewelry from its designing to the end. He makes sure every single piece has its excellent design and uniqueness.

Roberto guarantees that every piece of jewelry uses the resources from an official source. They subscribe to an international system of certification and warranties. These systems are known as the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) and The System of Warranties.

Roberto Coin is a participating member of several associations and organizations within the jewelry industry. Some of the organizations are the NY Chamber of Commerce, the American Gem Society, and the Responsible Council Jewelers (RJS). He is even a board member of the World Diamond Council. RJS is established to ensure the ethical, social and environmental practices throughout the various jewelry supply chain. He even has developed a benchmark standard for the jewelry supply chain.

 Roberto Coin Jewelry has more than 600 jewelry models produced in a year, sold in almost every continent. The most famous collections include:


Featuring interlocking ribbed gold links in a basket-weave design, an elastic, fabric-like movement.


These pieces include white diamonds, champagne diamonds, and colored sapphires. They are available in every range from rings to pendants.

There is a vast list of the admirable collection of jewelry including Octopus, Nemo, Love Plus and many more. Roberto offers a variety of collections for every range of products and is still one of the most luxurious jewelry brands. It is the most preferred brand by the top models and great notable artists and the populace.

From media industries to Corporate Responsibilities, Roberto Coin has made his imprint everywhere. This gives an assurance of the authenticity and uniqueness of the products offered by the company. You must go through the collection for adding beautiful pieces to your wardrobe.

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