Rules for Online Giveaway

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With social media swelling up rapidly, online contests or giveaways have become quite common. Social media has also made business very easy. You can promote your product, event, or even your brand just in one click. However, people are likely to participate in the event or take action for the product if you give promotional items for giveaways. 

Whether you are promoting your events or products on social media or through newspaper advertisements, giveaways increase the chances of people attending your events or buying your products. Such contests build curiosity among people on online platforms. 

What are giveaways? 

When a person is rewarded with a gift at an event, an online platform, or a show by taking an active part in it, it is known as a giveaway. It may also be called a sweepstake or a lottery. Online businesses generally launch promotional items for giveaways to attract people. 

Meanwhile, promotional giveaways are conducting the following ways:


Sweepstakes are the form of giveaways that wherein a person is awarded prizes. The winner of the giveaway is chosen out of a random draw. 


In a lottery system, people are given prizes, depending upon what is written on the tickets after scratching it. Hence, people need to buy tickets to participate. 


Businesses, companies, or brands, and even influencers often hold contests wherein a person is rewarded on the basis of his or her participation. 

However, to make your giveaway successful, one must follow the following rules: 

Include the name of the company 

People should know about the host for the giveaway. Thus, any giveaway must include the name of the company hosting it. Highlighting the name of the company or the host or penning them down in a bigger font can attract more traffic. On the contrary, if the names of the host are not included in the giveaway, people would get confused and would doubt the promotion as well. 

Mention the dates

Another important thing that one should mention for the giveaway is the date, as in the deadline with the timings. If one is planning to hold a contest, people will not be able to take part if they do not know on what date it is and what are the timings for the same. The same goes for promotional events. More and more people will join if details of the date and timings are given by the host. 

Mention restrictions if any

Another important thing that every host must keep in mind is to mention if there are any restrictions in terms of age, gender, and location. For instance, if a contest being held in Delhi is organized for people from the age group of 18 to 30 and is particularly for women, it should be mentioned on the post for the announcement of the promotional giveaway. If restrictions are not mentioned beforehand and people get to know this when they spend their money and come all the way for contests, this can lead to disloyalty and distrust. 

Mention details of filling up forms for giveaways

Whenever you are conducting a promotional giveaway, you must include the details of filling up the form or do mention how registration should be done. You can do it through social media, which can include details or the process in points so that it becomes easy for people to register. Do mention if it is free or if there is any charge, how much it is. 

Description About the process of choosing winners

People are likely to participate in the contest or lottery with the hope and determination to win it. Once the details are mentioned as if the winners will be chosen on merit or random draw, the number of people will be attracted to the same. Hence, be transparent about it.

If you are planning for an online giveaway, do follow the rules to attract traffic to your promotional event, product or brand awareness. As the more, the merrier.

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